My daughter arrived on Friday, and we have been completely wrapped up in the comfort that is the two of us in the same space at the same time. There is a feeling of ‘home’ that happens when my girl is here that is ineffable. I wish I could find words, but love like this – fierce, protective (both of us), honest, true – is beyond my writerly reach. It is purely good. That’s all I got. Purely. Good.

She got to spend time with my boyfriend, too, and they adore one another. We were sitting there in the auditorium talking before the show started, and she was telling me what it’s like for her to watch him and I together. She tells me that there’s this thing he does with his eyes when he looks at me that feels to her like ‘home’. Y’all, she CRIED. In PUBLIC. It was the sweetest thing ever.

We called him last night so she could tell him how she feels about him, about us, and she cried a little more.

Yes, my mini me is just as tender a wee beastie as I am.

Anyway…he gives her ‘worthy of my mom’ feels, and that is saying something, yes? Yes.

*And now I’m crying, for fuck sakes. Moving on!*

We went to see Marianas Trench yesterday – my daughter’s 31st birthday present. We did the whole VIP Meet & Greet thing, and while I had a really good time, I hate to admit it, but I feel like maybe I’m getting too old for and cranky for *waves at all of that*. At least, the part where you stand in line for hours and then stand on your feet for a few more hours. I’m aching all over, y’all! BUT! The show was really good, the band was thoughtful, and I admire their musicality (even if they’re not really my jam), and my daughter was absolutely thrilled with the whole affair.

The opening act, though….OH MY HEART. I am slain.

Wilderhood? Meet Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine. 

The voice on this one. It’s something like Adele and Amy Winehouse had a baby and Janis Joplin is the Godmother. I have not been this obsessed with a new music crush since I discovered LP. 

Just wanted to share. :)



P.S. Floor seats? Never again. I would rather sit up in the nosebleed section where I can sit the fuck down and enjoy the show. *LOL* The VIP lounge and early seating, however? All the YES to THAT!




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