This is day seven of the Artfully Wild Blog Along. You can find out more here. 

I. I wrote this in 2017, and I really wanted to share it with you so that you understand what I mean when I tell you I’m a joy warrior.

The rest of this post will be an accounting of the joy I’ve found or created lately.

If this is a practice you wish to undertake, I am all over that. Please feel free to use hashtag #joywarrior when you do your own accounting so that we may all breathe in beauty now and then.

II. I’m taking Magazine Makeover with Alisa Burke, which you can find here. It is a wonderful class full of tips and tricks on how to use magazine images as a kind of ‘base layer’ in your art journal. It’s the perfect ‘couch art’ activity, too, since while you *can* use paint and a bunch of other mediums if you want to, you can also just use pens. Here’s what I worked on last week. I found it very meditative and I love how choosing the image helped me figure out what I wanted to explore (in this case, my role as a joy warrior).

III. Writing practice has given me a new appreciation for the power of being with whatever is alive in me in the moment in solitude, journal and pen in hand. I have started to express these things much more intentionally than I did before, by which I mean that the energy I use to express it is also something I ‘send’ towards the resolution of the issue, or the attainment of the desire that the issue reveals. Example: if I’m frustrated, I might make my writing practice about asking the powers that be for ease in finding solutions to whatever is frustrating me.

In a sense, this takes writing practice from something that can cause me to spin out to something more like active prayer. Instead of just ‘talking at myself’ in the journal, I feel like I’m talking *with* the divine as I understand it.

This creates a major shift in the way journaling and writing practice feels to me. 

IV. Of course, once the writing part of my creative expression is done, art journal spreads suggest themselves, and that is a really lovely bonus!

V. My dogs and I are getting settled into a nice routine. Salem is still very much a puppy, but she’s starting to figure out what’s what and has mellowed out significantly. Last night, the dogs let me sleep right through. It was glorious. 

VI. This song by Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine makes my whole body happy. I play it on repeat when I need a lift or want to dance my way through something tedious, like housework. 

VII. Some time with my love over the weekend has lifted me up, dusted me off, and set me back on my feet. Love and connection are powerful medicine. 

VIII. This meme, which I saw floating around on Facebook, really moved me. I had a strong “Oh, yessssss” reaction to it, as though it was something I suddenly remembered. 

IX. I have not missed a day of creating blog posts or poems since April 1st. That’s seven straight days of writing practice, and I am really thrilled about that. 

X. This poem fell out of my pen last week, and I love it. 


On new moon 
I stepped sideways
through the veil of time
to find the you of a decade ago.

When you wrapped your arms
 around me,
I stepped, again, sideways
into the me that had just met you
and whispered in your ear.

“It’s inevitable.” I told you.
“We might as well start now.”

When I stepped back and
let the silver studded night
fall down around me,
I lit the candles,
prayed the prayers,
then gave myself to sleep.

In the morning,
I found you,
spooning sugar in your coffee,
pouring cream into mine,
our dogs milling at your feet.

And that’s me for today, loves. I’ll see you all tomorrow. 

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