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I believe there is enormous energy in our emotional states, and energy is power. It can be used destructively or constructively, or it can be suppressed. I’m a fan of the middle option. Use it. Constructively. When we vent the energy contained within our emotional states – especially the more challenging or difficult ones – without first working with that energy through some kind of creative action, I believe we are spending that energy unwisely. Venting feels good, and we feel like our needs have been met when we do it with safe people who feel with us, affirm us, validate us, and hold us in love, but sometimes that can actually allow us to bypass the part where we come to our own conclusions, or find our own solutions. 

Here’s how using highly charged emotional states looks in my life:

If I’m experiencing a huge emotional charge, I like to tend it, privately, first. This is not about ‘sucking it up’ or being stoic. This is about building my sense of my own resilience. This is also about recognizing how powerful all that emotional energy is, and knowing that I can use that energy.

I can express it mindfully, in writing or art or by dancing it out. I can send all that energy towards the attainment of my desire, like witches do when they raise a cone of power.

Usually, when I’m feeling something really big, it’s because I *want something*. I want an obstacle removed, or I want to feel at peace, or I want to feel like I matter, or I want to feel healed, or relieved or released.

When I merely vent, I am wasting an opportunity to use the energy I am using in the act of venting as spiritual energy that can actually help me get where I want to go. 

Obviously, this isn’t always going to work. If I’m in *crisis* and I just *can’t* be alone with whatever I’m feeling, I will call on someone to be with me while I sort through it. Meatspace people (as opposed to virtual space or online people) are going to be my first option, because they bring touch – a hug, a held hand – but if a meatspace person isn’t available, I will write it out in a safe space and get the thing witnessed. Then, though, I will *do my work* with whatever is going on so that I am not just dependant on venting as my only way of dealing.

Once I come back to ‘centre’, I record what happened in my journal, or I art it out so that the energy I have leftover after venting can be used effectively and powerfully toward the attainment of my desires. 

Your mileage may vary. :)

In BOD in May, we’re going to work with difficult or highly charged emotional states in the art journal so I can demonstrate how that works for me. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a thing I have become kind of expert at over the years, since I’m often in a highly charged emotional state. Heh. :) It would be lovely to have you join us if you haven’t already. 


I want to end today off by letting you know that Art For Earth closes for registration at midnight PST. I have plunked both of my Facing Forward classes down in the bundle, and there are 75 other amazing offerings that you will not want to miss! There’s enough stuff in this collection to keep you busy for AGES and you’ll be getting over FOUR GRAND worth of classes for about a hundred bucks.


Go get it. It’s amazeballs. 

That’s me for now. I’ve got a huge list to slay, so I’mma go slay it.

See you tomorrow!

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