I. Napmares (as in the bad dreams you have while napping) are the *devil*. I’m so over them. I had one yesterday that I could not shake all day, and then I ended up having the most wretched night – I think because I was afraid of more of the same. I did finally settle, but damn it, that sucked.

II. I ordered in after the nap mares and got the most disappointing order of fish and chips ever in the history of ordering in fish and chips. I was looking for a cure for all things nap mare related, but nooooooooo. This was not that.


IV. I’m super busy today, so I have to keep this short, but I love checking in with you every day. It gives a really lovely, communal feeling to my day even though…

V. …watching this documentary on Social Media really put me off it a bit. Like, how much damage am I doing to my self given that I like, LIVE on social media?

P.S. This guy, Richard Grannon, has been really helpful to me in my journey to recovery from C-PTSD. Your mileage may vary.

VI. Fest season is nigh, though, so there will be less virtual and more meat, and you all know how much I love meat.

V. I heard you laugh there. You have a really dirty mind.

VI. Or maybe I’m projecting. It wouldn’t be the first time. :D

Okay, that’s enough of me scandalizing the Internets. *Giggles*.

VIII. It’s Beltaine today, but I’m thinking less about May poles and flower crowns and more about how *powerful* and truly *sexual* creativity is, and how tired I am of the heteronormative take on the Wheel of The Year. I am not defined by my ability (or lack thereof) to conceive, birth, or mother, and I’m not heteronormative myself, despite all evidence to the contrary, so why the fuck should my Gods be defined that way?

IX. HINT: They’re not.

X. Ever After 2019 opened for registration today, and true to ‘not your mother’s art journaling teacher’ form, I am going to be tackling The Witches Of Eastwick. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

See you there, AND on the blog hop on May 4th, where you can WIN A SEAT YESSAH, and also, tomorrow, because blogging isn’t the same as social media. Right? RIGHT?!! I declare it.



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