Every year around this time, I create a ‘year-end’ project that I add to my teaching network to go out for free to all my peoples. This year was no exception! To access the free collection of year-end tutorials, please click here.
If you are already a student in my teaching network, simply click where it says “CLICK” and the workshop will be added to your dashboard. If you are not already a student, click where it says CLICK and fill out the registration form to get your free student account.
If you have signed up for this class in the past, just go find it in your dashboard, and enjoy!
This year’s offering is a spread that includes one of my favourite pieces of writing. I hope you take some time to yourself and create something with your favourite piece of writing!
In the meantime, I’m taking the rest of the year to finish unpacking! Wish me luck! See you soon!

Would you like to come and learn with me in 2020? Check out my teaching network at to take a look at what I’m offering!

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