I. It’s so quiet in here this morning that my ears are ringing and I just caught myself reaching to click the ‘play’ button on one of my lists over on Spotify. Stopped. Took a deep breath. Started typing instead. I’m trying to cultivate a life in which there is a little less input so I can hear myself think. I’ll press play once I’ve ‘heard myself out’.

II. Every New Moon in Moonshine (registration for 2021 opening soon), we create a painting that expresses a desired outcome that we vow to work towards in some way throughout the cycle. These desired outcomes vary from art witch to art witch, but we do try to align our desire with the energies that are present in the moment we make our painting so that all the effort we put into it acts as energy raised that we can offer toward the attainment of that desire.

New Moon in Virgo is nigh and I am working with Virgo’s ability to discern what works and what doesn’t. In examining my habits, I realized that I have a few I want to swap out for healthier ones, so that’s what I’m working on this cycle.

More tea. More silence. More reading & research. More stillness and presence.

Sometimes in order to understand what you want more of, you must grapple with what you want less of, and that can be hard work, because it can be all too easy to fall into shame about the things we have been allowing, but inventories like these, once we get over the hump of self-reproach with loving self-talk and nudges in the right direction, can foster real change.

Less wine. Less noise. Less mindless consumption of media. Less ‘killing time’. 

I’m making these shifts gently, though, because there’s a lot going on in the brainmeats and sometimes I need to duck out of all of that for a while or I start to spin.

Less spinning. I want a softer world.

III. Isabel Faith Abbot is doing another round of writing sanctuary. The theme is “Listen To Your Life” and the timing couldn’t be better. For those of you who don’t know, Isabel’s writing sanctuaries are where I began writing these lists of ten things. Having this modelled for me – this way of making room for *everything* that’s going on in list form instead of trying to write something cohesive and limited to one subject – has been incredibly liberating.

Some days are fridge soup and the lists help me sort them.

Maybe I’ll see you there?

IV. Life Book 2021 Free Taster Sessions begin on September 28th, and I am really looking forward to watching all the gorgeous art pop up in the Facebook group.

Thousands of people have joined the free sessions so it’s going to be a glorious madhouse of riotous creativity in there! You can join here.

If you know you want to pre-order Life Book 2021, or you want to read more about what it’s all about, you can do that here. Use coupon code FEELHAPPY20 to get an early bird discount.

I will be there with a bonus + main lesson again in 2021, and I’m so looking forward to it!

V. It’s so gloomy out there this morning that the dogs have decided not to get out of bed at all. They’re still all bundled up in the covers while I sit here typing. Smart creatures. I could learn a thing or two.

I considered doing the same, but the truth is, all the life stuff that’s happened since July has put me so far in a hole that I fear I’ll never dig myself out, so I’m up. Doing morning practice. Sipping coffee. Readying myself for a plunge into the list.

It’s still stormy here but I have an umbrella, so let it rain. 

VI. When I came home from the cottage, I resolved to isolate for fourteen days because I’m considerate like that. I’ll come out of it next Monday, but it seems like we’re surging-ish here so it’s not like it’s going to make much difference.

I am so over *waves at all of this* because I really want to be building a new life here, getting myself involved in things that get me out of the house, meeting people, etc. etc. but that’s just not possible right now. *WHINES*

Art Winos is on for this coming Sunday, though, and while it is over Zoom and while it really doesn’t even come close to the pleasure of meeting with my meatspace people meatsuit to meatsuit, it will have to do.

VII. Journal Jam #17 is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd at 12 p.m. EASTERN. It’s usually on a Monday, but I have another obligation. I’m trying to do these about every second week now that I’m in the last quarter of the year and my time is limited by the usual year-end OMGDOOM, and even though they do eat up a huge chunk of time when I do them (actually doing them and then editing the raw footage for a more polished version for Patreon and BOD2020), I am loathe to give them up.

I love hanging out with you. <3

VIII. This new release by Disturbed on repeat because reasons.

IX. I think that’s all I’ve got for today so instead of trying to force myself through ten, I’ll end here with a *clinks mugs* and my best wishes on your day.

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