I. Slowly, but surely, I’m emerging. Lots of art is being made. Work is being done. Dishes washed. Soaks taken in scented salt water. Lawn visits. Pajama parties with my platonic life partner. Downton Abbey. Too much wine, but we’re not going to worry about that right now. Also, I need this in my life, because it’s true.

II. Art Winos has been fabulous. We’re meeting every Sunday now, picking a lesson from whatever classes we’re taking (or not, if we don’t feel like it) and creating together over Zoom. It has been so good for my spirits.

Both of these were from a lesson in Life Book, which I took in my own direction:

This was from last Sunday’s Art Winos. I worked this one intuitively and just did whatever wanted to be done.

III. Grateful for constant absence and the space to dance in and out of anger and sorrow. Grateful for a period at the end of the sentence. Grateful that I am healing.

IV. Year-end. OMGdoom so much work.

V. Grateful to Rick for offering his backyard with fire pit for my teeny tiny distanced birthday party next weekend. Rick and I have been friends since 2008, and HE LIVES HERE, TOO!

VI. Grateful that I moved here. Grateful that I’m feeling at home here.

Maybe that’s all this was ever about. These gifts in the box of darkness. Getting you aligned with the truth, and getting me here.

I’ll take it.

VII. Things I’m not ready to talk about. Mumble mumble tattooed Viking mumble mumble.

VIII. Autumn in the air. Gods, I love Autumn.

IX. Harvestfest will be virtual this year, which means you can all come. Click for details. This is my home fest – my family reunion. Come meet my people!




X. Truth. Love. My core values.


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