I started this list on Facebook this morning, so some of this is x-posted.

I. So, I just want to update you all on the dating situation. Things were just not landing right between me and the Viking and after a lot of careful consideration and a refusal to waste his time or lead him on ‘just in case’, I ended it last night. It wasn’t traumatic, and I’m totally fine. I think it’s a combo deal of not being ready, and not having the kind of chemistry I need to proceed. That being said, he is an absolutely lovely human, and this has nothing to do with his worth or likability or *anything*. It’s all me.

This is such an astonishing act of self-loyalty that I am a little awestruck by my decisiveness this morning. I’m kind of blinking at myself in the mirror like – who is this person that just knows things and acts on her knowing?

If it’s not a fuck yeah, it’s a no. That’s it. Full stop.


II. Kimi and I are going to look for a fire pit and set it up in her backyard so we can bubble up for the winter and have gatherings there + I’ve got my platonic life partner. I’ve also got zooms planned with friends every Sunday into perpetuity and Journal Jams with all y’all as I’m able, so I will be totally okay.

III. I’m not feeling dating at all at the moment, though. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth, what with all the inner work I’m doing, and I’m still pretty tender over recent happenings, so…better to just leave all that alone while I continue to heal and live and feather my little London nest and do good work.

IV. Speaking of nesting…
Image of a corner of my little nest that includes twinkly lights, statuary and other altar items on a bookshelf. I love this corner of my little nest. Salt lamps, twinkly lights, Hecate & George, who watches over me while I sleep.

V. Monday, October the 12th is Thanksgiving here in Canada, but we’ve all be sent to our rooms because of COVID and as a solo householder, I’d only sit around moping if I didn’t have something to do, SO, MONDAY WE JOURNAL JAM! See you at 12 p.m. EST. Sign up for my newsletter if you want a reminder a half hour before we start.

VI. Speaking of having things to do, my lesson in the Life Book 2021 Free Taster is LIVE today. Get in there! There are giveaways and freebies galore going on and you will LOVE IT. If you know you want to sign up for Life Book 2021, use coupon code FEELHAPPY20 at check out to get a discount!

VII. Microdosing Day 10 and things have calmed down significantly in the omgwobbly department. I am seeing the benefits and will be continuing. I am more emotional, for sure, but I have a lot to be emotional about, so I’m just letting it all pass through and out of me as the need arises. I’m also feeling really *good* in my body today. Solid. Present. Intentional. Looking forward to Art Winos tomorrow as well as an FBT call with Renee and the Bush Kittens. Today will be a Darling Human day, I think. I’m feeling inspired to write love notes.

VIII. I was sitting on my front stoop yesterday and half of a maple key flew right into the palm of my hand. I love this photo – love the way the shadow cast by my fingers makes it look as though some otherworldly being has laced their fingers in with mine. I’m taking it as a sign.The palm of my hand with half of a maple key in it.


X. This song gives me the wobbles, but I fucking love it anyway.

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