I. I wrapped myself in fleece for a nap while it poured down rain. The sound of it on the skylight. The thunder. It made me ridiculously happy to be cosy and warm with the dogs flanking me like watchers, one on either side.

Little beauties.

II. My low back is not pleased with me since I’ve been opting to do all computer-related activities from the divan instead of my office chair, but it’s autumn, and my body wants to be tucked in with fleece and dogs and candles and tea and fingerless gloves and not sitting upright in an office chair. I’m popping Robax and telling my back I’ll give it yoga. Maybe. If it behaves.

P.S. I’ll probably never give it yoga. 

III. I’m still giggling over “Chapter 52” and how apt it is and how people on Instagram thought I was declaring actual bankruptcy because no one clicks through on Instagram, so they just got the blurb about how bankruptcy gets us free.

It’s okay, though. I don’t mind, because there are people for whom an actual bankruptcy is a source of shame and if I eased that even a little bit, I’m glad. There’s no shame in admitting that capitalism fucked you and you did what you could to get free.

Always do what you can to get free. 

IV. I am slathered in Vicks Vapo Rub because I find the sensation and scent comforting and I haven’t hugged a human since Monday and that’s a long time to go without a human hug. The only downside to the comfort of Vicks Vapo Rub is that the dogs abhor it, so I don’t get canine hugs while I’m slathered in it. They’ll come over for some love and then give me this shocked, indignant look, and then back off like I’m toxic. I’ll wash it off before I attempt sleep tonight, though, so they will forgive me and take their places flanking me on either side like watchers.

V. “How’s your pandemic?”

I am growing to fucking hate this question.

My pandemic is like the rest of 2020 has been. It’s a fucking dumpster fire. It is raging. It stinks.

VI. So I stalk beauty like my life depends on it because it does. 

VII. Billie Eilish concert tomorrow, live-streamed into my livingroom. My youngest and her bestie will be there, too, and even though they’re in Alberta and I’m in Ontario, it feels like we’ll be together and that works for me.

Also Bilie Eilish on Carpool Karaoke is the cutest thing ever.

VIII. Like I said. I’m stalking beauty.

IX. Beauties, even if Sookie does need grooming and they’re both disgusted with me because I’m slathered in Vicks. 

X. This is my second ten things today. I did my first ten things for Isabel’s writing sanctuary, and it felt so good to have a safe, private space to write in, so I am, as ever, grateful to Isabel and her offerings. My cowriters in sanctuary never fail to move and inspire me.

XI. There might be a drive-in movie in my future. Yes, this is #11. I’m a rebel.




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