I. Mars went direct a couple of days ago, and I swear I could feel the shift in my body. I tend to be quite skeptical about these things being more than metaphors, but my entire feed lit up with “I suddenly feel better”, and I was among them. The relief was palpable. I am so grateful.

II. I finished my eleven day working. It took more than eleven days, but that’s okay. I finished it the day before New Moon and that felt like really good timing.

I want to lick it.

III. Jeff Martin (of The Tea Party) kept me company for an hour via a live concert streamed into my living room from Byron Bay, Australia. I cried through it because I love his lyrics and so many of his songs are the soundtrack of my life.


I can’t wait to see him & the band live and in person again someday. <3

Not gonna lie, the concert was kinda sad. Jeff seemed sad, tired, full of longing. I felt a kind of anguish while I was watching and listening, but it was also kinda perfect. Nostalgic. Pure. Like, yes. This is where we are right now.Β 

It passes over you. Passes over you.

IV. I’m okay. I’m taking everything one step at a time. I’m having good moments here and there, and I notice them. I’m doing good work. I’m on the other side of the really gruelling part. I’m sad but I’m healing. I’m no longer feeling lost.

V. I’m bored, though. Bored of isolating. Bored with being alone. Bored with waiting. Bored with myself. I think I need to be doing more art because I’m never bored when I’m painting. *Note to self*.

VI. BOD opened for registration. $99 for the year. It’s going to be amazing. Look for giveaways happening on the socials.

There is a page in the classroom that includes coupon codes for The Darling Human Planner, Moonshine: The Coven, and Life Book 2021.Β 

VII. Tomorrow, we Journal Jam! I’ll see you at 12 p.m. Eastern. Here’s the link.Β 

VIII. I’m trying to keep my commitment to writing regularly, even if it’s a slog. It’s a way to keep the pump primed, to keep myself centred where I should be – here, in this life – my life. Writing helps me be here now, even when it’s kinda boring and uninspired.

IX. Art Winos today, so art will happen. I’m thinking about doing something abstract and super high contrast as an antidote to this gloomy, rainy Sunday.

X. This song, because it’s a #mood.

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