I. I did a live workshop yesterday for Pull, Paint, Pen with Kiala Givehand and even though I went into it with some trepidation (because I was in a lot of pain and people make me cry at the drop of a hat these days), it was *fabulous*. I taught a lesson on engaging with the Queens in Tarot to call up parts of self that we might need more of in the moment, or that we might want to acknowledge and celebrate. I lectured on it for a while off the cuff – completely unscripted – and, miraculously, I made it make sense, it was of value to the students, and we had a beautiful two hours together.

I also taught lip up girls, which I love teaching because it guarantees that even if you ‘can’t draw’, you *can* get beautiful, interesting faces in your art journals. At the end of the class, everyone showed me their work and I ‘read’ their lip up girls for what might have been coming through them as they created them. THAT was SUPER FUN and reminded me that I am *really really* good at what I do.

II. Next year, I’m doing a Year of Mary exclusively on Patreon, which will feature twelve paintings using the ‘lip up’ technique inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver. This is a quiet offering – not going to do a lot of promo for it – but it will be available at the $10 level. Once the year is through, it will be released as a standalone, self-guided offering. I’m *really* exciteda about it because, I don’t know about you, but I could use a year of savouring Mary’s words and resting in the crook of her comforting arms. Starts January 15th. 

III. A friend just messaged me to ask how I’m doing, and I was honest and said “I’m struggling”, and then this popped up in my timeline, so you know. Algorhythms or magicks. Whichever. 

Mid-conquer *is* a struggle, but this still works for me because it promises an end in sight. It is a reminder that I won’t struggle forever. At least not with this particular configuration of things.

IV. My lovely friend, Jessica, dragged me by the hair over to TikTok and I am now obsessed. Where Facebook feels like a field of land mines, TikTok is so fucking wholesome. I’m over here. 

I posted my first video last night and then almost immediately deleted it, because I realized that I can’t take any kind of exposure right now (says the woman who is blogging her life). Kindness & unkindness both slay me. So, I’ll be over there as a consumer of all the goodness until such time as I feel braver. Follow me, though so I can find you!

V. My shoulder is healing (as I knew it would). Yesterday, along with getting the live class done (and editing the video for it after), I did a half load of dishes (cut my finger in the process, but whatever), bagged up all the empties, and cleared off all the surfaces. I also worked on the cover of my Effydori, which is what I’ll be using for all my classes next year. Today, I plan to film for New Moon in Sagitarrius. I think I want to do a fantasy horse because they make me happy.

VI. I need shenanigans. GIVE ME SHENANIGANS. Also sex. Also someone who loves me unconditionally and will not abandon me when I am in the trenches.

VII. Jarcuterie. When we can all gather again, I’m going to have a party, and I’m going to make these.

VIII. My Spotify playlist for 2020 is so good. SO GOOD. 

IX. The Life Book 2021 Free Taster Session is going into a seven day replay, so if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend GET IN THERE. 

X. I got a new pen organizer and it is making me ridiculously happy.

It’s the little things.

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