I. Painted this happy thing live yesterday with my Coven. It is full of the rebellious joy I have been feeling lately.

It’s inspired by a meme that I saw floating around on Facebook which I will include at the end of today’s musings. Perfect, I think, for Full Moon In Leo.

II. Happy Full Moon in Leo, my moon babes. There are soft pink tulips and a lemon poppyseed cake coming to my house so I can properly celebrate with flowers and candles and cakes and wine.

III. There are six massive containers of chicken and lentil soup in my fridge because I’m cooking a lot lately and now I am aware of my deep need for a deep freezer. I’m looking at an apartment sized one, because my place is a hobbit hole, but first I need to clean out the corner of chaos because that’s the only space I’ve got to put it in.

IV. I am loving the idea of having a freezer stocked with soups and stews that I can just take out and reheat as the mood hits. I have only ordered in *once* this year so far because I am really loving cooking again.

V. I had that delicious soup for breakfast and it was *life*.

VI. Therapy today. It was really good. Solid progress is being made on all fronts. I am presently unfuckablewith.

VII. The new White House press secretary is giving me West Wing C.J. Cregg vibes and I AM HERE FOR IT.

VIII. Month end. Omg doom.

IX. My galaxy projector arrived, and I love it.

X. You were here last night in my dreams. You said “I’m not done being mad at you.” 

I chuckled and said “Will you ever be?” 

You said “Oh, probably.” and I woke up crying, because I know you hate being mad. I know you hate feeling anything that isn’t good. But I also know this is part of things, and you may be mad for eons, and that’s okay. I don’t need your permission to love you, and I don’t need you to be present, either.

Besides. I’m not done being mad at you, either. Will I ever be? 

Oh. Probably.

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