I. It’s been too quiet in here today and so I keep channel surfing, but to no avail. Nothing seems interesting enough to press play on and music isn’t doing it either, so I’m just grappling with stillness and silence. It feels like a desert. Like my voice might echo back to me if I used it.

II. It’s okay, though. Like, I’m not in pain or anything today. A little anxious, maybe – vulnerability hangover after an unexpected grief tsunami – but also just whoa. It’s *so quiet in here* and there’s no sound that feels right to fill it.

III. Art Winos later though so this silence will be broken with laughter.

IV. #Mood

V. Also #Mood

VI. Also #Mood

VII. Warm brie on melba toast is life.

VIII. Pickled herring, too. I know. I’m weird.

IX. I think I’m on a growing edge because I feel very sixes and sevens and loose ends and wispy. Liminal. In the between. What’s next?

X. What’s next?

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