I. I am in Full Bush with Renee this year, but I stalled somewhere around prompt six, so I’ve decided to reengage as part of my blogalong. There are 23 prompts to explore, which should pad my blog fodder nicely! Find Renee here. 

II. The first prompt is to write one’s rider, which is that part of every artist’s contract where they go into detail about what they need in order to perform. The first time I wrote a rider (a few years ago now) I kept it super simple, and I now recognize that I had some difficulty with wanting things, saying I wanted them, and dreaming outrageously. I think I’ve grappled with that a lot in the years since, so I’m going to try to really stretch myself this time.

III. In order to get the best out of me, this is just *some* of what I require:

Total honesty.
You must look at me like maybe I’m magic.
Nag Champa incense burning at all times.
Candles everywhere.
A 1968 Mustang.
Knee-high Doc Martens that actually fit.
Thigh-high socks. Black.
Strappy maxi dresses. Many. Also black.
Shawls for colour. Dangly earrings. Stacked bracelets. Chokers that don’t trigger a trauma response. Bras that fit.
Coffee delivered to me in bed after slow side sex.
Orgasms I don’t have to work for.
A total sense of personal safety.
A school bus tricked out as an RV so I can travel the continent. There are twinkly lights. There is ample studio space. I have a hundred stops along the way to meet with nears and dears.
Winters in Mexico or other warm climes.
A lover who lavishes my body with touch and wonder.
A house with a room dedicated to all my pursuits – art studio, library, temple, amazing kitchen, game room, adult playroom, lush bedroom. There are twinkly lights everywhere in my house, too. I love twinkly lights.
Time to write that doesn’t feel stolen from my other pursuits.
More “want tos” than “have tos”.

That feels like a good start.

IV. Yesterday I was reminded why sometimes what feels like a “loss” is actually a release, and I was grateful for the reminder because – whoa – no to *waves at all of that*.

V. Last night looked like Kimi and I and Jambalaya (which was mildly spiced so she could enjoy it – she had seconds, even!) and two episodes of The Stand which was epic, all enjoyed in my sparkly house. The dogs were a) annoying, as they always are when Kimi is here because they love her and b) adorable.

VI. Then I watched New Amsterdam which is *killing me* but I love it anyway.

VII. Tried to get a game of WoW going with the kid only to realize his computer (my old 27 inch iMac) won’t run it. We cry. He introduced me to Stardew Valley, which is cute and mindless, so at least we have something to play while we solve the problem of his lacking a decent computer.

VIII. All my lovely co-bloggers. Whoa, so much goodness.

IX. Art For Earth. I’m going to use my proceeds from this sale to upgrade GG’s computer. Want to help? 

X. I’ve got no art to show you today since I took yesterday off, but I’ll have some soooooooon. Meanwhile, here’s this meme I’ve decided to start throwing up on my socials once every so often as a PSA.


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