I. FBT prompt #5 is about laughter, and I’m here to tell you very simply that I am fucking hilarious and I love my sense of humour. I don’t know where I’d be without it. It is the glue in so many of my relationships, and if we’re not laughing together on the regular, I’m probably not going to stick around. It’s a *need*. I need it. I neeeeeeed it. So, Internet memes, TikTok, news blooper reels, singing goats…all of it. I want all of it.

I don’t watch sitcoms, though. I just don’t find them all that funny/interesting. I do love Hannah Gatsby, though. That’s my kind of comedy. Also, Stephen Colbert & John Oliver. Shared outrage delivered with a punch line suits me just fine.

If you make me laugh, I’m yours for life.

II. #Mood

I laughed way too hard at this.

III. Variants of concern are really freaking me out. Ontario is in trouble – especially our younger population. So is the rest of Canada. *Continues to hunker down so I don’t die or kill anyone.*

IV. Despite that, I am still in a pretty good headspace. I’ve got Kimi today for an episode or two of The Stand. I met with Brian Walsh (my favourite storyteller) to film for Moonshine over the weekend and it was edifying and inspiring. I headed into Azeroth last night to kill things with GG and it was *so much fun*. I had nibbles for lunch – Brie, olives stuffed with garlic, some cucumbers dipped in Asiago and artichoke dip – and PIZZA for dinner. I’ve been craving cucumbers, which probably means I’m dehydrated, so I’ve got my massive gallon water bottle full and I’ll be working on it all day. I took delivery of a second galaxy projector because my studio wants one. I also stocked up on dog food because I’ve been worrying about shortages – my dogs are on Acana Duck Breast and Pear, because Sookie is allergic to grains AND chicken, so I can’t just buy any old dog food. Being stocked up feels good. I painted yesterday, and I will probably paint again today. BOD is already shaping up for May.

I am loved. All is well.

V. Renee has a new e-course and I am SO EXCITED.

VI. The Blog Along is gorgeous. I am loving getting up every morning, making coffee, and reading blogs. There are so many absolutely gorgeous thinkers, artists and writers participating this year. (Waves at my bloggers – HI I LOVE YOU).

VII. #Mood

VIII. The meme above came across my newsfeed yesterday and I yoinked it immediately because yessssssssssss.

IX. My head is all up in work stuff so I think I’ll get on with it. I want to be done what needs doing in time to enjoy my time with Kimi.

X. See you tomorrow. <3

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