I. Yesterday was super busy, but super good despite the lower torso thing that seems to be getting better but slowwwwwwwly. I did a live with my witches, which was awesome, and then LLMJ, which was also awesome. Kimi came over and we watched 2 episodes of New Amsterdam, which was awesome. I ordered a massive thing of nachos. ALSO AWESOME.


II. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

III. I’ve been playing with spirals and doodles, and loving it.

Today, I plan to do more of this.

III. The fantasy fiction workshop I’m taking starts tomorrow evening and I am * so excited* and also grateful that it doesn’t conflict with Journal Jam, which is tomorrow afternoon. GG will be training to take over for Myrna, who has to retire her secretary hat due to new work hours. It will be weird not to have her tracking prompts, but I’m positive GG will do a fine job.

See you there? It’s at 2 p.m. EDT. 

IV. I’ve slayed most of my list for today, which means I get to have some fun flinging paint and swilling chardonnay. This makes for a lovely end to my weekend and I am grateful to past me for getting so much of what needed doing done so present me could enjoy some me-time.

V. I am so happy for everyone getting their vaccines. When people announce that they got their shots, I get quite emotional and also a little bit jealous in a delighted way.

VI. I am eagerly awaiting my turn, and I’m hoping it happens in time for me to have some kind of summer. I’m not expecting to be *fearlessly* out in the world but feeling a little less fearful would be a nice change of pace. I am hoping to break free of the lack of motivation to go anywhere that this long, long quarantine has caused. Maybe lack of motivation is the wrong phrase, though. It’s more like – the outside terrifies me. I do not want it. People breathing near me gives me the creeps. I may never shake hands with anyone again.

Once we’ve reached herd immunity, though? I’m hugging everyone. Prepare to be climbed like a tree.

VII. Also this:

VIII. Meanwhile, though, it’s like this:

IX. It’s New Moon in Aries today. I’ve already done my working since I have to pre-record it for Moonshine, but yesterday, I threw myself in a tub of hot scented water and did a clearing with charcoal soap. Little rituals that keep me attuned feel good lately. Calling in the holy helpers every day. The lit candle. The smoke offering. The tarot draw. It’s lovely to be in the flow, and to be witching in all the ways.

X. Speaking of witching, check this out!

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