I. This came across my feed and I felt it in my whoooooole body.

II. My safeword, in this case, is “more, please”.

III. I’m still tender in the lower torso and yesterday, it triggered yet another trauma response, but this one was of the “what if I’m dying variety” so I pretty much clutched my furbabes to me and had a 12-hour panic attack while my brain walked me through how awful it would be for my one and only local friend to find my corpse.

That was fun. NOT.

IV. I’m better this morning, though. Slayed the usual Monday list which includes sending a metric fuck tonne of posts and emails about Journal Jam, which is at 2 p.m. EDT today if you want to join me. 

The replay goes up as a link in The Wilderhood, so if you haven’t joined me there, please do!

GG will be in training to take over for the lovely Myrna, so come on over if you want to say Hi!

V. Chani did it again:

As one phase of togetherness comes to a close, new possibilities for connection emerge. As I grow, I loosen up. As I age, I learn what to let go and what to hold close. As I come into my power, I need validation from others less and less, and I am more and more able to enjoy what they bring without expectations.

I relax into my unions, and more energy moves through them.

I swear, she reads my blog because otherwise HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

VI. I’m glad for today’s schedule since it is still raining today so all the things I have to do will keep me from pouting about the lack of stoop sitting in the sun. I’ve got Journal Jam at 2 and then a fantasy fiction writing class at 7. Maybe WoW with GG after? We’ll see. Depends on how much my body can stand to be in an upright position.

VII. I am going to drug myself into oblivion tonight, though. I don’t want to do another night like last night, plzkthnxbai.

VIII. I am grateful that I’m not living in a hotspot, but I am also checking the hotspot website obsessively to see if I can get a vaccine. Lawds, I need this to be over soon. My friends and I have shenanigans to plan and execute!

IX. I am almost ready to tackle the disaster that is my studio. I am done with it having this massive corner of chaos. I’m done with the unbuilt bookshelves and the pile of stuff that has no home. I want it to welcome me in rather than chase me out. It’s time.

X. I’m thinking about a trip to a garden center soon for some herbs to plant in pots by my front door, but not until things are a little less terrifying out there.

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