I. I have been working very, very hard but in that way that makes me feel very, very good. Do y’all experience this? I verge with anti-capitalism so it isn’t about money, though my efforts do pay off in that realm. It’s about the sense of accomplishment I derive from the value of my work. It is almost as good as dark chocolate. Fires off in my brain in the same way.

I don’t chase it, though. I don’t push myself to go after it all the time. I let it happen according to the list, and then when the list is done, I rest or frolic. I don’t over-pack my list, either. I’ve learned what my limitations are and I work within them.

I’m feeling really good about this.

II. Speaking of frolicking, I need some.

III. Ontario has opened up to vaccinating those over 40 with the Astrazeneca vaccine and I’m excited about it. I need to get through month-end before I opt-in, though, because I do not want to panic about that month-end list when I’m supposed to be in a blanket fort with Tom Yum Soup and furbabes recovering from the work my immune system will do once I get the vaccine.

IV. My Witch Adjacent is home and healing. Thank you for holding space for me to worry about her yesterday.

V. Frozen spanikopita in my freezer is self-care.

VI. This happened:

She’s for Book Of Days 2021 for the month of May. You can join me here if you want to make her + all the other gorgeousness that’s up in that class.

VII. My cataracts are getting really, really bad. They’re interfering with my *desire* as well as my ability to paint and I need to get on that but executive dysfunction when it comes to dealing with things like these is a real thing that I struggle with. Still. My dad let himself go completely blind unnecessarily before he died, and that is not a road I am willing to go down, so I’m aiming to fix it.

VIII. I may have unfairly judged someone. It happened last year, and I did a very typical INFJ door slam on them because I didn’t have the bandwidth for anything else. I’ve been thinking about it for days – like, a lot. It’s been weighing on me that I need to clear the air and make amends.

I girded my loins and reached out to ask if we could talk things over and the answer was yes.

IX. Grace. It’s a lovely thing.

Nine feels like a good place to stop today.

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