I took this yesterday when I was feeling particularly tired – post-therapy, post a long conversation with a friend, pandemic weary…

Space buns. Side boob. Those new lines around my eyes. I love them. They tell you the story of who I am. 

It’s been a good couple of days, but I’m feeling quiet inside today. I’ve been blowing my creative wad in my art journal. Yes, I know that’s gross. No, I’ll never stop being a 12-year-old boy in disguise.

My house got cleaned today. I made dinner for Kimi. I had a long talk with a friend, who has been as COVID safe as I have so I invited him to join Kimi and me for New Amsterdam. He stayed after Kimi left so we could reconnect, and I introduced him to Sense8. He is *smitten*. Bowled over. I knew he would be.

We had issues last year, but we worked them out, and now we’re friends and I’m very pleased.

He’s a Viking, so yanno. We adore him.

I’m *exhausted* though, and just barely getting this blog in under the wire. I’m doing some filming tomorrow morning and then a live gathering with my art witches tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got more work on Sunday and probably some Azeroth with GG.

So, life.The best we can do.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more.

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