I. So I’m in month-end which means I’m scrambling, but I have been extremely kind to myself this month so I’m way ahead. It’ll be fine. It still takes some scrambling, but not the same kind of scrambling I usually have to do so I’m grateful.

II. I am in love with this entire thing. It’s adorable because my friends who saw these pop up on Facebook thought I might be the genius behind them, but I am not! I am, however, totally in love with the genius behind them. Too bad he doesn’t know I exist. :)

III. I put in a request through the Shopper’s Drug Mart form to get scheduled for a vaccine. It felt very adulty. I’ll keep you posted.

IV. Writing class tonight. I’m going. No excuses.

V. Got to video chat with my Bean last night and OMG. He’s so adorable. He fed me his spaghetti through the screen and laughed and laughed when I went OM NOM NOM.

VI. I spaced on blogging yesterday which means I owe myself an extra post. I might do that tonight, since I have a super full day ahead of me and I’ll have some art to share.

VII. Had a Zoom with a couple of close friends yesterday and it was *life*.

I love these peoples.

VIII. This guy is hanging out again, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


I’m going to stoop sit for a bit after I clean my brushes in preparation for Journal Jam and see if I can’t lure him out of hiding with some peanuts.


See you at 2 p.m. EDT.

X. I’ll probably pop in this evening before my writing class to give you a peek at what I made during the jam.

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