I. I want to talk to you about Journal Jam because it has been one of the only “silver linings” of the COVID experience.

II. Journal Jam started in March of 2020 when we were all on lockdown and pretty much terrified. I wanted a way to connect with my coterie of Wildlings, be they students or friends, so I decided to take the lesson I taught in Life Book back in 2017 and turn it into a regular live community event.

III. This forced me to teach live – something I was a) sure I hated doing and b) terrified to fail at, but it turns out I love it and I’m really good at it. Who knew!?!?

Teaching live in this way has made me very curious about the potential for teaching in-person workshops in a future where that may be possible. I imagine weekend retreats that include gorgeous meals and bonfires and shenanigans as well as deep dives into art journaling as a spiritual creative practice.

IV. Dreaming about that has given me a lot to look forward to and this dream would *not exist* if not for Journal Jam.

V. Journal Jam has also had a massive impact on my creative life since the randomness of the prompts creates tension that I can break only by following through. In other words, the jams force me out of my comfort zone which is where our most potent potential for growth lies dormant.

VI. It’s also led me to learn new technologies and new ways of connecting with my people. This has been so delicious, y’all. Meeting with you live over the course of this pandemic has been a bright spot. There have been times when my promise to you to show up has kept me anchored to the planet.

VII. This is what came through in the latest Journal Jam.

It is not like anything I would create if I were left to my own devices, and I *love it*. You can watch the unedited replay of this jam here. If you’d like to get a more organized version of Journal Jams with an edited replay + prompts + images of the final work, please join me on Patreon where access is offered to everyone from the $2 tier and up.

VIII. In other news, I missed my second post yesterday because I was completely spent after putting together a bunch of month end stuff. I will try to make up for the 1 missing post between now and the 30th of this month, but I am not going to stress about it. Kimi reports that I’ve skipped at least one post every single time I’ve done the blog along and lo, no one died or even noticed. *Giggles* So, yanno. Gently onward we go.

IX. I found a fantastic podcast (THANK YOU SARAH TRUMPP) about the dark side of the woo-sphere and I am finding it super validating. I have been talking about the shadow side of the Love & Light Brigade for a long time now, and it is very good to see it coming into the collective.

Find it here. 

What I really love about it is that the hostess is very much into and a part of the “Woosphere” so she isn’t coming at it from a cynical or vitriolic headspace. She is a *critical* thinker, though, and deconstructs and examines spiritual modalities to discern whether or not they are helpful or harmful.

I started with this episode on Empaths & Twin Flames. 

X. I’ve got Kimi and The Viking coming over for New Amsterdam tonight, and I’m really looking forward to it. The Viking will probably stay after for an episode of Sense8. He likes to hold my hand. I like to let him.

He’s not my Twin Flame (bwahahahahahahaha) but he is a very sweet friend to have, and I am blessed that he met my amends making for last year’s door slam with curiosity, a willingness to listen, changed behaviour (there was some love bombing going on back then and it *freaked me the fuck out*), and grace.

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