I. I got *most* of what I wanted to get done taken care of yesterday, but the sun came out and beckoned me and I spent TWELVE HOURS upon it. From 3 p.m. to 3 a.m.

The entire neighbourhood came out to frolic upon my lawn – six feet apart – with a little paraffin tabletop fire, music, laughter…

We finally went in when it started to drizzle

II. It all started when Em found me all sprawled out on a picnic blanket sipping chardonnay and listening to a podcast. I was also watching one lone fuzzy butt bee bumbling around in the dandelions.

She said “Are you drinking wine?”


“That’s all I need to know.”

It was her day off, so she decided to join me. I grabbed her a picnic blanket when she went in to grab herself a beer so we could gauge “six feet apart” properly. These picnic blankets are waterproof, by the way, but somehow, you don’t stick to them. They’re pretty miraculous.

Em + Salem. Sookie is in the upper right chilling in the shade.

Then, she pulled out her nail stuff and did my toes, because that’s what friends are for.

Over the course of our twelve-hour lawn party, Dani joined us. Jessie joined us, Shane joined us, Conner, Kat, and Demi joined us. People came and went, and we staked out six feet from one another using the corners of my massive picnic blanket as a guide.

The end of the frolic saw us all wrapped up in fleece blankets while we butt wiggled to the music playing on my little bluetooth speaker.

The rain came – just a few drops – and we all parted ways.

I love where I’m living.

III. I have a sunburn and I’m totally not mad about it.

IV. Today, I’m making up for what didn’t get done yesterday – namely, uploading video and making a PDF. I’ve got this to offer my witches for May. It’s called Flower Power and it was a super fun, interactive spread.

Interactive spreads are super fun.

V. This is all I’ve got today because I am too old to sit around on the cold ground ’till THREE IN THE MORNING ffs, so I’m going to knock the stuff off my list and take a nap.

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