I. I had a very quiet weekend that included a run through Azeroth with two of my boys + my youngest boy’s girlfriend. It was super fun. They kept making fun of me because I’m a loremaster and I read everything and watch every cut scene and I don’t just blast my way through. I was holding them back, but hey. It’s a mama’s prerogative to go at her own old lady pace.

That’s me, Sidhemama, and yes, I am playing a Shadow Priest.

II. I also made some art just for me.

This shimmery dancing tree delights the ever loving fuck out of me.

III. I did a live with my witches and we talked frankly and vulnerably about sex and death – mostly about sex – and it was amazing to know that we have built this space where these discussions can happen without shame. I am a proud, proud mama witch. This painting went up as inspiration for what might want to happen as they approach the page for New Moon in Taurus.

IV. These furbabes are life. I can never get a good picture of them together since every time I acknowledge Salem’s presence, she loses her mind and goes full derp.

V. Today, we Journal Jam! I’ll see you at 2 p.m. EASTERN.

VI. I’m still working on the idea of a weekend retreat where we gather to make a jam deck (virtually of course). I’ll update you as soon as I know more. Get notified via my newsletter, which you can sign up for here. 

VII. There is a rumour that we might have Harvestfest this year and I burst into tears when I heard it. I have missed my fest family so much.

Even if that doesn’t happen, though, there *will* be a gathering of at least some of my fest fam as we all get shots in arms. I cannot wait.

Meanwhile, I’ve got Kimi and she and I are going to hang out and watch The Stand tomorrow evening. Woot!

VIII. I rolled myself up into my blankets last night at 9 p.m., turned off everything except an audiobook, and truly rested until seven this morning. It was glorious, and I feel almost 100% myself again. The side effects from the jab are almost entirely gone except for the sore arm. That seems to be hanging on, but it’s a small price to pay for the sense of relief I feel.

IX. My house is trashed. I will probably do something about that this afternoon after the jam – some dishes at least. It’s just too easy to let it all slide right now, but I’m being gentle with myself about it.

X. I know this was all pretty random, but I needed a good “purse dump” since my brainmeats are churning with a lot of stuff right now and I wanted to clear it so I can get creative later on this afternoon.

Thanks for reading.


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