I wrote this for my patrons today and thought I’d share it here as well since it sums things up. 

Things are kinda weird right now. I’ve had my first shot and then the gov walked back the vaccine they gave me so I have no idea what’s happening for my second shot. I’ve been having nightmares about possible side effects even though I *know* they’re very, very rare. The way the media/gov have been handling it has been anxiety-inducing to say the least.

I’m just tired. My friends and I are doing a lot of shrugging and eye-rolling in response to the question “How are you?”. We’re languishing. We’re anxious. We’re exhausted. The world seems like a hostile place filled with violence and stupidity.

But I keep reminding myself that this is very much like the last leg of a marathon. The vaccines are working. The numbers are going down. Things feel a bit apocalyptic but I have to believe that all that is coming to light is arising from the shadows to be healed and changed.

I’ve been listening to podcasts to keep myself company through this latest strict lockdown (which has now been extended to June 2). I talk to my furbabes. I Zoom with my witch adjacent & with artist friends who are all just as exhausted as I am. We are looking after one another tenderly, with great compassion for the experiences we are all having in the context of this larger experience. There is much to be thankful for.

But there is also much to ponder over, and there is much to grieve, and grief is *heavy work* and we are all feeling it.

Are you? How are you? Are you grappling? Have you found a way to rise above or are you barely treading water?

Wherever you are at, I want you to know I’m thinking of you. I’m always here, even when I’m quiet like I have been. I feel anchored to humans through my work and I am very blessed by and grateful for that.

It’s the last leg of this marathon. I know we’re going to cross the finish line. I don’t know what comes after, but I know we’re resilient.

Sending you love and a wish for ease and a lovely weekend.

Meanwhile, I’m working on this for A Year Of Mary. It’s going well but it will be late, which means you have time to join me on Patreon if you want to get this lesson in the next few days.

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