I. Yesterday’s total shut down to rest and recoup after my oops was excellent. I watched a LOT of TikTok, checked in with beloveds, and did nothing productive. This wee TikTok that I made makes me laugh out loud. Those lips? That’s a filter, but it did make me think way longer than I’ve ever thought before about lip plumping glosses. Heh. :)

@effywild##haveyouevernoticed ##genx ##filtersarefun ##fypシ ##fyp ##sundayfunnies♬ original sound – Sierra majors

II. Today I woke up and said, out loud, “Today we make PDFs” and then I made coffee and proceeded to make PDFs. A Year Of Mary is done and ready to go up on July 15th. My lesson for Kaleidoscope is almost finished (late, as always, but Tam and I have a deal where we are allowed to be late with the things we create for one another’s offerings because there’s a lot of trust there after 10 years of working together!), and I am *super excited* about it because I am an excellent teacher. Get a discount on Kaleidoscope when you use coupon code COLOUR2021 

This was the bonus I created for the class wherein I worked with colours I don’t necessarily love.

I’m not saying I’ve completely resolved my issues with yellow, which is a colour that can make me extraordinarily anxious, but I love this painting so much that I’m thinking about doing an entire page of these in my journal for BOD2021.

III. I’ve never been a headachey person, but since my vaccine, I’ve been having headaches regularly. I’m not complaining. Just noticing. Headaches are better than dead from COVID, so I’m glad I’m vaccinated. Today is one week since my last dose. In one more week I will have full protection and the world will feel like a safer place.

IV. I appreciate the availability of the vaccines in Canada, but I dearly wish we would be more proactive about making sure the rest of the world gets them, too. The virus will continue to mutate as long as there are unprotected people getting it, and one of these mutations might be vaccine-resistant. I do not get why people do not get this. Let’s get everyone the protection they need so this virus can fuck the fuck off already.

V. My dishes are done. I feel good about it. There’s a lot more I have to do to claw this space back, but baby steps are *steps*.

VI. I am starving but I don’t know what I want to eat. Libra much?

VII. Renee. Sarah. Airmid. Kimi. Dani. Deb. Sera. Sal. Julie.

My women friends are life.

VIII. It has been raining for weeks and while I appreciate the explosion of green this always brings on, I want a day where I can lay out on the lawn in my new bathing suit and read a book and swill autumn blush with ice and maybe even nap.

IX. I am craving the beach. Who am I anymore anyway?

X. Now that the squirrel has availed himself of all he wants from the birdfeeder, the birds have been visiting and it makes me ridiculously happy.

The squirrel:

@effywildDo you have a Leonard in your life? Show me!! ##squirrels ##artwitch ##familiars ##over50 ##genx

♬ original sound – Effy Wild

A birbie!!

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