I. The sun is supposed to come out – at least partially – at about 11 a.m. this morning, and I’m craving it. Then, another five days of rain in the forecast. At least it isn’t sweltering here.

II. Did a bunch of work yesterday and then settled into my studio with a journal and some paint and started working on this:

I have no idea where she came from, but I like her attitude.

I can think of a few people I’d look at just like this if they turned up in my vicinity.

III. I need more evenings like yesterday, that are all about being in my feels on the page. I think I’ll finish this one today once I get the one last thing that’s on my list to slay for this week done and sent off where it needs to go. Also, some dishes since I took something I ordered in a few days ago (accidentally got a family-sized serving of rice and lamb) and turned it into a massive batch of soup to freeze so it wouldn’t go to waste, which means there are now more dishes to do. My bedside table is a mess, too, and my altar is buried in an unsorted witch box subscription and some clothes that I got delivered from SHEIN. I also want a soak in the tub at some point. <——brain dump. Boring, I know, but sometimes in order to sort my day out I have to dump it like this.

It’ll all get done. I’m not in a panic over it. I’m just super grateful that I live in such a tiny place because I don’t know how I’d keep up if this place were much bigger.

IV. Heard from a friend I haven’t heard from in over a year (The Texan Ex) and as usual, it was nice to reconnect with someone who knows me as well as he knows me. He made me cry and then made me laugh and maybe we won’t go a year between messages this time, eh? I’d love to have him come up here and explore my world with me a little bit. That could be so much fun. It’s also fun to have the prospect of a couch to crash on in Austin should I ever decide to head that way.

V. I ordered some Overtone in Extreme Teal and Extreme Purple, and I am thinking about doing some stripes of it here and there in my hair.

Renee has been talking about how amazing she feels after getting thirteen inches of her hair chopped off, and I’m over here like “Hmmmmmm…..”. The trauma of the move is in my hair. The breakup is in my hair. The pandemic is in my hair.

But I always regret cutting my hair, so I am going to sit on it for a while before making any kind of drastic change. Colour, though. Colour, I can play with with no regrets.

VI. Ontario is going into phase 3 of our reopening on Friday, and I’m cautiously optimistic about it.

VII. The brainmeats are actually pretty quiet today, which I’ll take as a boon.

VIII. Thinking about some changes I want to make next year so that I’m doing more live teaching and less pre-recorded teaching. Lives are fun for me – way more interactive and way less work. I’m working on outlining a live weekend workshop where we’ll make a journal jam deck together and then do a live jam. Should be fun.

IX. This feels like a good place to end today since I am reaching for things to say. I hope you have a gorgeous day today and find some time to be creative.


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