EDITED TO ADD: The giveaway is now closed! Cally Brown was the winner, and she has been notified by email. Thanks for playing along!!

I. I spent a few days in the studio puttering around and doing art for myself and it was gorgeous.

II. I ducked out of socials and anything too stressful so I could find my way back to some kind of center. I think there’s some energy in the collective around our reopening that’s hitting me uncomfortably. I do not want to emerge yet. I’m not ready. I need to stay in this quiet place for a while longer and be in communion with myself.

III. This came out of one of my quiet moments. She is giving me life.

IV. I did a thing.

It’s a bad screenshot of Zoom video, but LOOK AT MY HAIRS! Not as vibrant as I expected, but I actually like it like this. I do have a flash lightening kit so if I want to go a little more extreme, I can. (This is Extreme Teal Overtone, btw. I have medium blonde hair + gray, so if you have the same you might want to bleach before you use it).

V. Renee is doing a thing and I am VERY STOKED about it.

If you like the way I write (without worrying about a theme or “tying it all together” and just documenting my life) this is going to be your jam. 
I am not an affiliate, but Renee is my witch adjacent so she gave me a seat to give away! Comment below and tell me why you want to join the course and I’ll pick someone to gift the seat to.

VI. I know I usually go for ten things, but I am feeling pressed today. A live with the witches. A spread to finish for said witches for August 1st. A pile of laundry. A dog to finish grooming.

Where did July go? How is it already the 21st? What is happening?

Anyway, enter below if you want to come write with us.


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