I. This giveaway ends on Monday, so get in there if you want a seat in Renee’s new thing. I am *very* excited to be writing with Renee in Wild Musings, and I know you will love it, too.

II. I got some work done yesterday and then invited Kimi over to sit on the lawn and swill some wine. We also did some laundry because we’re multitaskers like that – her dryer is on the fritz so she washes at her place and dries at mine which is great because it means I put a load in myself.

We were getting settled in the sun on our blankets with the music playing (this Cougar playlist is PERFECT for sunning oneself, y’all) and we were both in a bit of a shitty headspace. There are too many unknowns for both of us right now, and our brain gremlins were threatening to overtake our afternoon.

“Let’s play Yahtzee!” I declared. Grabbed the game and refreshed her memory on how to play.

Eight games later, we packed it in. SO MUCH FUN and I got FIVE Yahtzees, four of which were comprised of FOURS.


It reminded me that my mood is shiftable. I *can* change it, especially if I have a friend around to help.

III. I took a selfie to commemorate the occasion.

IV. After Kimi left, Renee and I Facetimed and somehow we got on the topic of Carly (who was over at Renee’s) and her appearance on Masterchef Canada, so guess what we did?

Girl’s night. We all ordered sushi – them in Vancouver and me in London, and we queued up the show so we could react at the same time and watched a few episodes.


I got the sashimi boat so I could share it with my fur babes. Here is my baby land shark enjoying some red snapper.

V. This came up in my feed on Facebook and is today’s plan.

I love Chani’s astrology stuff for the long view, but Storm pops up in my feed just at the perfect moment on a regular basis. Find Storm here. 

VI. GG got a job and I am super stoked for him! CONGRATULATIONS GG!!!

VII. Sometime before summer ends, I’m going to switch my place around so my studio is in the larger room (living room) and my bed is in the smaller room (bedroom). This will mean I can grab my easel from GG’s place and get set up for canvas again. It will also mean I won’t feel claustrophobic in my workspace, which is definitely a thing right now. This room is too small for everything that’s in it PLUS my clothes closet is in here which means *that corner* is always full of laundry either coming or going and it’s just chaos. I think the switcheroo will feel good.

It’s going to be a lot of work, though. I’ve lived here for a year now and I haven’t really done much to organize this space after I unpacked it in a frenzy so I could get back to work.

Kimi will help, though, and I know we’ll make short work of it.

VIII. I’m obsessed with sunflowers right now.

For Kaleidoscope 2021 – Bonus lesson. (Use coupon code COLOUR2021 for a discount!)

For Moonshine 2021 – August. Get this tutorial on Patreon in the “Moonshine Lite” level. 

IX. Podcasts and art today + the dishes + a load of laundry to fold and put away. I might run a couple of loads through, too, which will put me at *zero laundry*. This never happens. That could feel like a victory.

It’s the little things.

X. This weekend will be gentle and kind. I declare it.

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