I. I painted this ahead of New Moon in Leo. I don’t have *any* Leo in my chart so I always struggle a bit with it when it comes up. Putting myself out there is definitely not my strong suit, but Leo always nudges me a little in that direction.

II. I went out last weekend and met some people. Dare I say I made some friends? I’ve been invited to a birthday party this coming weekend, and I’m *actually excited about it*.

This is why I work the cycles from new moon to new moon. It shifts things for me.

III. Tomorrow, I will gather with my art witches and we will activate the content for August. These gatherings are really special to me because I get to hang out with my beloveds, answer their questions, bask in the energy that we raise together, and enjoy a lovely sense of connection. I am a *very* lucky teacher.

IV. I am in the thick of it in therapy. We talked about the work I’ve done over the past couple of years which amounts to clearing space in my life by shedding masks and skins, by finding and engaging good boundaries, by saying a lot of necessary goodbyes, and saying a precious (but vital) few hellos in order to create a sense of safety for the next phase of my journey, which is simply this: to grieve. I have a lot to grieve and processing that grief is going to suck but there is something on the other side of that that will (please gods) be something more like solace.

V. I’m glad I took the break I took from therapy but I’m also glad I went back because my body is unleashing years of stuff I did not have the safe space to move through. I have that safe space now.

VI. There’s no one lying to me. There’s no one using me to prop themselves up in some way. There’s no one telling me not to feel how I feel. There’s no minimizing, no gaslighting, no cycle of violence. There is no constant sense of cognitive dissonance or disappointment. There’s no fawning on my part, either. There’s zero people-pleasing. There’s nothing I’m keeping secret in order to protect someone else. There’s no one rubbing me the wrong way or making me question my sanity.

VII. I’m present, honest, clear-eyed, and front-facing. I’ve embodied acceptance over here. I’m willing. I’m my own soft place to land that I made and feathered for myself.

VIII. I’m feeling fiercely protective of myself.

XI. Finally.

X. Progress.

I’ll keep you posted.

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