I’m going to get this in before my will to Internet slips away. ;)

I. Kimi is coming over for a glass of wine on the lawn, and I spent all day writing to people to ask them if they want to do a thing with me next year AND I painted AND I edited AND I fed myself and the furbabes AND I napped (but it was one of those bad dream naps that I *hate* so now I’m sitting here wishing I hadn’t napped) AND I watched a video on painting watercolour portraits that *didn’t* make me feel deflated.

AND I am exhausted now.

II. But I miss Kimi’s face so we will get caught up and then I will send her home and I will throw myself in a tub of hot scented water to soak away the knots in my shoulders that come from sitting in front of the computer for way to long.

III. Every year I forget what the “ber” months of September, October, November, and December are like when you run year long programs. They are intense. They are hard work. They are a little omgdoom.

But then I get letters from people saying “I was hoping you’d ask!” or “I saved a spot in my calendar for you!” or “I love what you do! Of course, I want to come along!” and that makes the whole damned thing worth it.

IV. I’ve almost got the Journal Jam Retreat formatted as a teacher assisted self-paced thing. LOOK AT THESE CARDS.

And that’s it for me for today.

I’ll see you tomorrow..

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