I. I love the story of Adam’s first wife, Lilith, who was also formed of clay, like Adam and was created to be Adam’s equaL. Adam couldn’t handle it. Lilith was banished. Eve was formed of Adam’s bone.

I am a sister of clay, not of bone.

II. Pottery, to me, feels like a part of my lineage somehow, even though it is *not* coming naturally and even though I struggle with every part of the process. This experience requires me to have a sense of humour, to be willing to fail and fail and fail, and to celebrate my successes even when they come after many flops.

This is very, very good for me.

III. My experience with the teacher was quite different today, and I have silently forgiven him for having an off day while simultaneously congratulating myself because if this were the me of several years ago, I would have quit after the first class. I’m glad I didn’t.

IV. These are the pots I threw tonight.

Things started off really rough because I wasn’t really getting the “open and then widen” thing. Everything was too bottom-heavy and very wobbly. I tossed six failed pots in the discard bucket while whispering words of thanks that this stuff is recycled and nothing is wasted.

After I threw the first (very wobbly wabi sabi) pot that was worth cutting off the bat, I made the second one that looks like a bowl. Something clicked. Then I lost it again and made three lumps of discarded clay. Then I went for a little walk to clear my head and came back into to studio to sit and stare at my neighbour, who was making beautiful, consistent pots. Saw the way he opened and widened and decided to try it. Did a good pot. Did three failed pots (pulled too fast, didn’t open enough, sliced my clay open with a fingernail). Did two pots that made me ridiculously happy.

V. This is *really, really good for me*.

VI. I am a Sister of Clay.

VII. So, next week we learn to turn and trim, and the week after we do glazes. I’ve got ten pots made – all different shapes and sizes – but I’m super excited to see how they turn out. I’m betting a couple will explode because they are *very* bottom-heavy, but at least a few will survive.

VIII. I am thinking about taking the beginner’s class again just so I can get some practice in on the whole centering, opening, widening, and pulling thing. There is also a hand-building class coming up at the studio’s other location and I think I’ll take that as well. I want to make little paint pots and palettes. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

IX. Full Vine Moon in Pisces. What a lovely way to spend it.

Stopping at nine because it’s my favourite number.


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