I. I’m thinking I’m not going to make 30 posts in 30 days but that’s okay. I am calling the fact that I’ve been blogging a LOT more a win! I enjoy blogging, and I love the interaction that happens in the comments, so I’mma do my best to keep it up. I just have to watch my bandwidth.

II. Dreamhost updated my teaching network website to a faster version of MySQL and holy hannah. My site is smoking fast right now! This bodes well for opening programs for 2022.

III. I painted a thing and I wanted you to have the speed painting of it because I am so stoked about it. Enjoy!!

IV. I hope Jason Kenney is eating crow. Alberta is in terrible trouble to the point where they are sending patients to hospitals in Ontario. GET IT TOGETHER DUDE. People are dying.

V. Vaccine passports are in play now here in Ontario, and I’m a fan.

VI. Renee sent me to a TikTok that features handbuilt things and I am obsessed because I love throwing, but hand-building is something I’ll be able to do at home. I can buy the clay from the studio, and then bisque fire, glaze, and glaze fire there, I think. Squee!

@milliespotteryReply to @ebony_b00 I can certainly try! #halloweenmug #spookyseason #potteryprocess #satisfyingvideo #autumnvibes #practicalmagic #witchyvibes♬ Crystal – Stevie Nicks

Isn’t her work adorable??!!

VII. Look at this beauty.

VIII. I think that’s all I’ve got for today, loves. Thanks, as always, for hanging out. <3

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