I. I am absolutely loving season four of The Great Pottery Throwdown. It’s so wholesome and just what the doctor ordered. Here in Canada, I watch it on “Cottage Life”, which is an Apple TV add-on. I also binged season one of Relentless, which I watched on Discovery+. It’s a mindfuck of a documentary about an independent filmmaker’s search for a missing woman. Gripping! Also, The Gilded Age, by the creators of Downton Abbey, which just started this week. I’m watching it on Crave. I turned Renee onto it and she was immediately sucked in. I love watching series with Renee because she texts the best commentary.

All the streaming services I mentioned above are the ones I have access to in Canada. If you’re elsewhere, I’m sure Google will help.

What are you geeking out on lately?

II. Wordle is fun. I start every game with the word “adieu” so I get a sense of what vowels I might be working with. I like firing it up first thing with my coffee as a way to nudge my brain awake and firing on all cylinders. Today’s was pretty easy.

Wordle 222 4/6


III. The news is heavy. More unmarked graves. Russia and Ukraine. A new variant – though that seems to be good news since there’s a theory that it’s more contagious but *less* dangerous, and if we keep getting variants that are contagious enough to take over its predecessor while being less severe, that’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m pretty sure we’re on our way to this becoming endemic.

BUT. The immunocompromised and those who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons will still be super vulnerable so wear your damned mask and get your booster. I’m not liking the “everyone is going to get it” rhetoric because while it will probably not kill you, it could still kill whoever you give it to.

I know. I’m preaching to the choir.

IV. I have an art crush. Have you met Froyle Davis yet? She is *amazing*. I have never really been able to wrap my head around collage, but watching Froyle work fascinates me. She’s got a YouTube channel and a bunch of stuff up on Skillshare. She inspired me to get some wallpaper sample books (I got mine on Etsy) and order an inspiration pack from her. I still haven’t dug my Gelli plate out of storage but once I do, it’s game on.



V. Once winter is over and I can set us up on the front lawn with a folding table and some lawn chairs, my friend, Julie, is going to grab my other friend, Sal, and a stack of old Nat Geo’s and I’m going to get some Citrasolv and we’re going to have a Froyle Davis inspired collage party.

VI. I’m thinking about what I want to teach in my next weekend retreat. So far we’ve done Sweet Trash, Journal Jam, and Out Of The Shadows. I am thinking I’d like to do a lip-up girl immersion – one girl, created on a Friday evening to be scanned or photographed and used as a template, and then four projects – maybe earth, air, water, and fire inspired, over Saturday & Sunday. Yes? Lemme know in the comments.

VII. Arteza has a selection of opaque, matte “craft quality” fluid acrylics and they’re lovely. Perfect for art journaling because they’re super easy to write over + use coloured pencils over without having to fuss with clear gesso. I’m not an affiliate – just a fan – because when you’re just throwing paint around without a plan, and/or you want a matte finish that dries super quickly, these are fantastic.

I’m also loving the Decoart Dazzling Metallics and Decoart Americana paints that I bought three years ago and never used because I’ve always been a bit of a Golden/Liquitex snob.

I’m definitely getting over that these days, though, because craft paints are fun, and having some budget friendlier paints to suggest to students feels good.

VIII. I also tried the Golden SoFlat Matte paints and they were – well. Just okay. I tried mixing colours with them, and the experience was meh. They’re fine for pops of matte colour here and there, though.Β 

This mixing kit, though?


If you’re new to Golden fluid acrylics, and you want a taste, start with these.

They’re super mixable and these ten colours will set you up.

All the links in this exploration of art supplies lead to Amazon.ca but Google can help you if you’re not in Canada. xo

IX. Speaking of art supplies, here’s a PDF list of some of my favourites.Β 

X. And that’s me, today! No DRAMA DOTS because, lo, my life is currently drama free. HUZZAH!

Sneak peek at my lesson for February’s Book Of Days 2022 for tax. This spread features some of the Arteza craft paint, the Decoart Dazzling Metallics, and a bunch of Golden Fluids as well as some Liquitex Acrylic Ink.Β 

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