I. I got off to a fantastic start yesterday with a very early rising (5 a.m.). Did my Wordle. Had my coffee. Journaled and did a tarot draw. Slayed half the list by painting and editing. Did Zoom coffee with my muppet and then therapy and then another Zoom coffee with one of my kids, and then I lost the will to participate in the world as it is, popped an Edison Jolt, ordered in Fettucine Carbonara, crawled into the blanket fort and – you’re not going to believe this – watched three hours of Chris Cuomo’s testimony on YouTube.

Why did I do that last thing? I have no idea. I’m not even really all that interested in *waves at that whole Cuomo thing*.

Oh well. Whatever. Let’s blame it on the Edison Jolt, shall we?

II. I was going to start typing about how I didn’t really get all that much done, but you know what? I’m looking at the above list, which includes checking in with myself, doing some (really good) work, connecting with people I love, feeding myself, letting myself check out for a while, and that is actually A LOT. Also, this:

No lies detected.

III. It was a good mail day. I got this set of 56 Jelly Gouache, and while I did not have enough go-go juice left in the tank to peel off the lids and swatch the set, I am really excited about carving out some time to do that in the near future. Maybe this weekend.

I’ve watched a few YouTubes on the stuff and they look like they’re delightful to play with. I’m thinking they’d be amazing for pattern surface design since they are matte and will photograph well. They also feel like an antidote to deep winter. Just LOOK at all the colours!!!

Here’s one of the YouTube videos I watched.

If I get bored this weekend, I might hop onto a Facebook Live because friends don’t let friends peel 56 lids off tiny pots, and friends don’t let friends swatch alone, either. Maybe I’ll turn on the big girl camera so I can throw the video up on YouTube, too. I’ll let my list loves know if I do either. Are you subscribed to my list yet? No? Here you go. 

IV. I made myself a pot of rooibos vanilla tea yesterday and liked the way it looked on my painty table so I took a photo.

I like what this photo says about my ordinary reality. It might be ordinary to me, but I am absolutely swimming in good things. Art supplies. Good books. A creative practice. Delicious tea. BRAYERS. A massive handbound art journal. Space and time to play.

This photo represents abundance to me. This is what the good life looks like.

What represents abundance to you? What does YOUR good life look like?

P.S. My thoughts on “the good life” are informed in this moment by my participation in Isabel and Renee’s “Your Favourite Self“.

V. Day 63. I’ve lost ten pounds – not that I care about that except as proof that alcohol was bulking me up with empty calories. I’m eating three times (at least) more than I did before I quit and yet the pounds are melting off with zero effort on my part. Ok, then. I’ll take it. I’m about to dip down into the 170s, though, and I am an endomorphic 5′ 11” so I don’t really want to lose much more or I’ll have to turn in my Amazon Warrior card and I am rather possessive of that card, thank you very much.

P.S. I would *never, ever* spear a panther. 

VI. It’s Friday so the wine witch is all uppity. I have plans to shut her up with black seedless grapes, chocolate-covered almonds, and ginger-infused kombucha. Hey. Whatever works.

While I am not planning to remain alcohol-free for the rest of my life, I am really enjoying watching those numbers rack up, and every time I think to myself “Yanno? A glass of rose would be fab right now!” I find myself opting not to. There’s some fear that one or two glasses will swiftly lead to 8 and when I play that possibility forward on the screen of my mind, I have visions of myself feeling absolutely wretched the next day, full of bile and regret, and unhappy with my decision.

So far, that’s working.

I’ll take that, too.

VII. OH HEY FELLOW CARDSLINGERS! This tarot journal is luscious. I bought both the printable and the digital version, which I’m going to load it up into Goodnotes on my iPad and see if that helps me keep up with it. They have a “Writual Membership” which I’m “try-before-I-buy” ing. It looks good so far.

VIII. New Moon in Aquarius is coming up. I’m looking forward to calling in some shenanigans because that is what I need in my life right now and it’s going to take some innovative ways of looking at things to get that need met, because shenanigans are hard to come by in the time of COVID.

IX. Reunite* starts in earnest on Feb 2, so there. Shenanigans!!!! Which reminds me that it really is time to get my easel set up and ready if I’m going to do more than half-watch while I do my own thing. I suck at being in other people’s communities but I’m working on that because I *get a lot* out of being in other people’s communities. Especially the really nourishing ones like the ones that grow up around Flora Bowley’s offerings*. 

X. Therapy yesterday. We talked about how my relationship with anger has shifted, how it doesn’t get buried under piles of fawning until I reach my threshold and explode all over whoever has been pushing my buttons. How I’m owning it as righteous, which relieves a lot of pressure.

I’ve embraced my inner Sekhmet.

I’ll take that, too.

And you? How are you? How’s your heart?

*affiliate link. When you purchase products I recommend through links I mark with an asterisk (*), I make a commission, which helps me purchase more products to recommend and also keeps me in coffee, kombucha, paint, and black seedless grapes. Thank you! 


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