Book Of Days 2015 – Volume Two

bod2015v2Book Of Days is an art journaling and life documentation class that  includes start-to-finish video instruction every week for the duration of the class (12 weeks), full colour printable PDF walkthroughs, journal prompts, support, face time videos, and Facebook Office Hours.

In this second volume of Book Of Days this year, we will be exploring our favourite music. Supported by weekly journal prompts and a music exploration hand out, we will glean symbols, images, and meaning from the songs we love and then create art inspired by those songs in our journals.

The theme is, as always, completely optional, but it’s been my experience that always having a jumping off point facilitates regular art journal practice.

INCLUDED FREE: Book Of Days Boot Camp.

bodbcThis four week intensive is available immediately so you’ll have lots of time to bind your own journal & learn art journaling basics including background techniques, different ways of documenting your life in your art journal, and how to keep an art grimoire (a technique based reference that you bind and fill in yourself).

You’ll also do some digging into all the reasons you might NOT art journal even though you really WANT to, and get past creative blocks and excuses that stop you from having the creative practice you want.

People have told me that Boot Camp is worth the price of admission all on its own, so it is definitely worth diving into as soon as you’re ready! If you take Boot Camp *before* class begins, you will be perfectly prepared to begin working in your BOD! However, you can also dip into Boot Camp bit by bit as you like, since you will have indefinite access to both Boot Camp AND Book Of Days.

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We begin on May 4th with Opening Ceremonies, which will include an introduction to the class, video instruction in creating an intention spread for the session, and a bonus lesson in creating a cover if you’re using a new journal. Every week starting May 9th, 2015 you will have access to an instructional and inspirational start-to-finish art journal spread with video content lasting anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours. Each post will include journal prompts (to be used in written and/or art journaling), a music exploration handout, some musings about that week’s spread, snapshots of the spread, downloadable videos (yours to keep!), full colour PDF walkthroughs, and supplies information.

I do not own an art supply store, this class is not designed to market products. I will be encouraging you to use what you have, substitute where necessary, and discover alternatives.

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12 weeks, 12 spreads, 12 PDFs, journal prompts, support, and lots of communing – $99.00

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Here are some samples of my spreads from last session!



Some Nitty Gritty Details:

All content is downloadable, including the videos.

You can access the content on a Desktop, Laptop, or iPad.

The class is hosted on my NING network (please make sure you have an account there before class begins!).

Each week’s content comes out on Friday by 3 p.m. EST and will remain up indefinitely.

Facebook Office Hours will take place each week on Monday at 2 p.m. EST beginning on May 11th. HOWEVER, I will always be available via email to answer any questions you have in the interim.

You get an incredible tribe of artists and journalers to hang out with/bond with/be inspired by.

Let’s Do This Thing!

12 weeks, 12 spreads, 12 PDFs, journal prompts, support, and lots of communing – $99.00

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How It Works

Once you sign up, you will get an email that instructs you to sign up in the NING network. I will then add you to the classroom within 48 hours of your purchase.

Opening Ceremonies are on May 4th. There will have a bonus (13th) lesson for you on setting an intention for the session. Since some of you are new to Book Of Days, there will be an ADDITIONAL bonus lesson (recorded in January of this year) on decorating your journal and creating a spread that celebrates your word of the year (optional).

Once class starts, you will get an e-mail from me every Friday for 12 weeks with the link to your new lesson!

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12 weeks, 12 spreads, 12 PDFs, journal prompts, support, and lots of communing – $99.00

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