Crackling Good Weekend

I. I spent all of Saturday making perogies with Lee. I haven’t done perogies in AGES so it was super fun to dust off my inner domestic goddess and do the thing I used to love to do. There was music and wine, laughter and hip wiggling, and eventually, dinner, which Lee put together for us since after making two huge pans of perogies (a bacon laden batch and a vegetarian batch), I was spent.

II. He went home at ten and I finished my night with the news and then an audiobook. I slept like a baby.

III. Yesterday was spent putting some final touches on things for month-end, and once that was done, I put on some outside clothes and headed over to a dinner party hosted in a new friend’s backyard. I put my offering of perogies on the table and then set myself down by the fire to tend it. Wherever there’s a fire going, there you will find me. It’s in my DNA to be a firekeeper, I think.

IV. It was the perfect evening. Smart people thrill me and everyone there was smart as whips. The conversation was far-ranging and intimate. Everyone had something in common so there was a lot of vibing and resonance and plans made for future gatherings. There was gentle ribbing, banter, and puns that made me exclaim I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE.

I’m so glad I moved here.

V. My perogies were a hit, which always pleases me. Our hosts are also fab cooks so every morsel we ate for dinner was fantastic.

VI. The mosquitos came out around eight p.m. so we all cleared out and I headed home to spent a few hours solo, which was much needed because I’ve been a social butterfly lately!

VII. Tonight, I’m heading off to pottery class where I will learn about trimming and turning!

VIII. There’s a giveaway on the blog. Click here to get in on it!

IX. I didn’t make my thirty posts in thirty days but I feel like the blogging habit has taken hold once again and I’m hoping to keep it up this time.

X. Thanks, as ever, for hanging out with me.

The Okayness

I. I’m thinking I’m not going to make 30 posts in 30 days but that’s okay. I am calling the fact that I’ve been blogging a LOT more a win! I enjoy blogging, and I love the interaction that happens in the comments, so I’mma do my best to keep it up. I just have to watch my bandwidth.

II. Dreamhost updated my teaching network website to a faster version of MySQL and holy hannah. My site is smoking fast right now! This bodes well for opening programs for 2022.

III. I painted a thing and I wanted you to have the speed painting of it because I am so stoked about it. Enjoy!!

IV. I hope Jason Kenney is eating crow. Alberta is in terrible trouble to the point where they are sending patients to hospitals in Ontario. GET IT TOGETHER DUDE. People are dying.

V. Vaccine passports are in play now here in Ontario, and I’m a fan.

VI. Renee sent me to a TikTok that features handbuilt things and I am obsessed because I love throwing, but hand-building is something I’ll be able to do at home. I can buy the clay from the studio, and then bisque fire, glaze, and glaze fire there, I think. Squee!

@milliespotteryReply to @ebony_b00 I can certainly try! #halloweenmug #spookyseason #potteryprocess #satisfyingvideo #autumnvibes #practicalmagic #witchyvibes♬ Crystal – Stevie Nicks

Isn’t her work adorable??!!

VII. Look at this beauty.

VIII. I think that’s all I’ve got for today, loves. Thanks, as always, for hanging out. <3

Loving Your Own Art Out Loud

This is painted on a 9 x 12 wood cradleboard. It is making me ridiculously happy.


And this post is in direct opposition to a thing I saw on Facebook a while back where someone was snidely remarking that it makes her super uncomfortable when other people love their own art, as if loving your own art is something you should never admit to.

Like, dude. What?

Image reads “Self-esteem is the ability to see yourself as a flawed individual and still hold yourself in high regard.”

Loving my art and saying so is a huge marker of my recovery from narcissistic abuse syndrome. I can love my art. I can say I love my art. I am not afraid to be overheard saying I love my art. I am not waiting for someone to “neg” me – a term which means purposefully putting a person down in order to prop yourself up – a trick narcissists are adept at using. I am not compelled to use false modesty or the humblebrag to soften the blow of my brightness in the face of a super jealous narcissist who can’t stand to feel like I might have something going on for me that has nothing to do with them. I am safe from *waves at all of that*.

I love my art.

I want you to love your art or whatever else there is to love about yourself (so much, omg!).

This is my mission.

I just wanted to tell you.

Sister Of Clay

I. I love the story of Adam’s first wife, Lilith, who was also formed of clay, like Adam and was created to be Adam’s equaL. Adam couldn’t handle it. Lilith was banished. Eve was formed of Adam’s bone.

I am a sister of clay, not of bone.

II. Pottery, to me, feels like a part of my lineage somehow, even though it is *not* coming naturally and even though I struggle with every part of the process. This experience requires me to have a sense of humour, to be willing to fail and fail and fail, and to celebrate my successes even when they come after many flops.

This is very, very good for me.

III. My experience with the teacher was quite different today, and I have silently forgiven him for having an off day while simultaneously congratulating myself because if this were the me of several years ago, I would have quit after the first class. I’m glad I didn’t.

IV. These are the pots I threw tonight.

Things started off really rough because I wasn’t really getting the “open and then widen” thing. Everything was too bottom-heavy and very wobbly. I tossed six failed pots in the discard bucket while whispering words of thanks that this stuff is recycled and nothing is wasted.

After I threw the first (very wobbly wabi sabi) pot that was worth cutting off the bat, I made the second one that looks like a bowl. Something clicked. Then I lost it again and made three lumps of discarded clay. Then I went for a little walk to clear my head and came back into to studio to sit and stare at my neighbour, who was making beautiful, consistent pots. Saw the way he opened and widened and decided to try it. Did a good pot. Did three failed pots (pulled too fast, didn’t open enough, sliced my clay open with a fingernail). Did two pots that made me ridiculously happy.

V. This is *really, really good for me*.

VI. I am a Sister of Clay.

VII. So, next week we learn to turn and trim, and the week after we do glazes. I’ve got ten pots made – all different shapes and sizes – but I’m super excited to see how they turn out. I’m betting a couple will explode because they are *very* bottom-heavy, but at least a few will survive.

VIII. I am thinking about taking the beginner’s class again just so I can get some practice in on the whole centering, opening, widening, and pulling thing. There is also a hand-building class coming up at the studio’s other location and I think I’ll take that as well. I want to make little paint pots and palettes. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

IX. Full Vine Moon in Pisces. What a lovely way to spend it.

Stopping at nine because it’s my favourite number.


Water and Stars

I. I stepped away from the blog for a few days because I did a LOT of social and work and found myself completely out of bandwidth. And that’s ok! This is post 16/30 and puts me four posts behind. Also ok!

II. I did a Journal Jam today at 10 a.m. – something I am not accustomed to at all. I found myself a little quieter than usual because mornings are for silence and coffee and not peopling in my world. It was a good Jam though and I really enjoyed myself! You can watch the replay here. 

III. We had to change the schedule for our jams since GG, who tracks the prompts, is now working full time and his shift starts at 1 p.m. We could have moved the jams to Friday, but that would mean he’s working for his mom on his day off, and that just didn’t work *for me*. I want him to have his days off be days off! So, 10 a.m. will be the new Jam time from here on out. I’ll get used to it. :)

IV. Pottery class today! I am chomping at the bit!

V. Meanwhile, my house is a disaster so I’m going to spend some time putting it right.

VI. I’m feeling the full moon big time. I will take my own advice today and seek water and stars.

VII. I think this is all I’ve got today and *that’s okay*.


Exhausted In Advance

Yesterday was a very full day that included laundry, which actually got folded, dishes, which actually got put away, and painting, the filming of which actually got edited and TWO social events, one of which kept me up until the wee hours having deep talks with a bestie.

Today included much nappage, putting up Journal52, and this fun with black gesso, glazes, and relief paste. Like so.

And that’s today because tomorrow includes a live session with my witches and another backyard social gathering, and while I’m excited and content I am also exhausted in advance. ;)

This is 15/30 posts in my September Blog Along which puts me only 2 posts behind. Woohoo!