Delight & Despair

I. I’ve been down with varying degrees of dizziness/vertigo for two weeks now, and I’m over it. Leaf mold allergy, probably, since this happens every year around this time if there’s a lot of rain. I’m doing Benadryl and Gravol when it gets really bad.

II. Turmeric and ginger in my coffee in the morning, and turmeric and ginger in my chamomile tea at night. Luscious.

III. Pottery makes me happy. I turned and trimmed 12? 13? pieces yesterday and also got to play with coloured slip. I’m going back next Tuesday to glaze. I can’t wait.

IV. We’ve had issues with a peeping tom on the property for almost a year now. He was caught red handed on Saturday morning, charged, issued a restraining order, and then released. It was a *nightmare* waking up to all that drama (cops on the front lawn – my dogs went off their rocker and my heart aged ten years), and it’s been a nightmare worrying about whether or not he’ll come back, since he is clearly not right in the head and these things have a nasty habit of escalating.

I am feeling very woe, woe, why me as a result because *fuck me can I not get a break?*

V. Since I’ve been leaving the house more, Salem has regressed a bit in her house training. This is unpleasant and frustrating to say the least. Add that to the disaster that my house becomes when I have vertigo, and I’ve been in a state BUT today has been better. I’ve been watching her like a hawk and crating her when I can’t and so far, so good. I also got four loads of laundry done.

In better furbabe news, Sybil has been super snuggly, and I love it.

VI. Here! Have a giveaway!

VII.I still miss him and I’m pissed off about that because I should be over it by now, but nope. Definitely not over it.

VIII. I was talking to a peer last night about how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and feel like you have to be positive all the time and “keep up appearances” in order to succeed. It’s such bullshit. So alienating. Life is a mixed bag of delight and despair and I’m too tired to lie.

IX. I am craving cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, and I am going to make that happen.

X. And you? How are you? Tell me everything, the delight and despair.

Crackling Good Weekend

I. I spent all of Saturday making perogies with Lee. I haven’t done perogies in AGES so it was super fun to dust off my inner domestic goddess and do the thing I used to love to do. There was music and wine, laughter and hip wiggling, and eventually, dinner, which Lee put together for us since after making two huge pans of perogies (a bacon laden batch and a vegetarian batch), I was spent.

II. He went home at ten and I finished my night with the news and then an audiobook. I slept like a baby.

III. Yesterday was spent putting some final touches on things for month-end, and once that was done, I put on some outside clothes and headed over to a dinner party hosted in a new friend’s backyard. I put my offering of perogies on the table and then set myself down by the fire to tend it. Wherever there’s a fire going, there you will find me. It’s in my DNA to be a firekeeper, I think.

IV. It was the perfect evening. Smart people thrill me and everyone there was smart as whips. The conversation was far-ranging and intimate. Everyone had something in common so there was a lot of vibing and resonance and plans made for future gatherings. There was gentle ribbing, banter, and puns that made me exclaim I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE.

I’m so glad I moved here.

V. My perogies were a hit, which always pleases me. Our hosts are also fab cooks so every morsel we ate for dinner was fantastic.

VI. The mosquitos came out around eight p.m. so we all cleared out and I headed home to spent a few hours solo, which was much needed because I’ve been a social butterfly lately!

VII. Tonight, I’m heading off to pottery class where I will learn about trimming and turning!

VIII. There’s a giveaway on the blog. Click here to get in on it!

IX. I didn’t make my thirty posts in thirty days but I feel like the blogging habit has taken hold once again and I’m hoping to keep it up this time.

X. Thanks, as ever, for hanging out with me.


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See you in there!

Love you!

Wild Musings + Giveaway

EDITED TO ADD: The giveaway is now closed! Cally Brown was the winner, and she has been notified by email. Thanks for playing along!!

I. I spent a few days in the studio puttering around and doing art for myself and it was gorgeous.

II. I ducked out of socials and anything too stressful so I could find my way back to some kind of center. I think there’s some energy in the collective around our reopening that’s hitting me uncomfortably. I do not want to emerge yet. I’m not ready. I need to stay in this quiet place for a while longer and be in communion with myself.

III. This came out of one of my quiet moments. She is giving me life.

IV. I did a thing.

It’s a bad screenshot of Zoom video, but LOOK AT MY HAIRS! Not as vibrant as I expected, but I actually like it like this. I do have a flash lightening kit so if I want to go a little more extreme, I can. (This is Extreme Teal Overtone, btw. I have medium blonde hair + gray, so if you have the same you might want to bleach before you use it).

V. Renee is doing a thing and I am VERY STOKED about it.

If you like the way I write (without worrying about a theme or “tying it all together” and just documenting my life) this is going to be your jam. 
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VI. I know I usually go for ten things, but I am feeling pressed today. A live with the witches. A spread to finish for said witches for August 1st. A pile of laundry. A dog to finish grooming.

Where did July go? How is it already the 21st? What is happening?

Anyway, enter below if you want to come write with us.


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