Inspired By

This was going to be an artist’s statement, but it morphed into a dedication. I didn’t get here by my lonesome and I find myself compelled to give thanks and credit where it’s due.

In 2009, I started searching for ways to express myself, since my writing bone broke and I was blocked, blocked, blocked. I discovered art journaling and the rest is history.

These are the people that gave me a hand up whether they knew it or not. I admire, respect, and love these people, and everything I do is inspired by them in one way or another, whether we’re talking art or ways of being in the world or business savvy.

Tamara LaPorte ~ I love this woman. I learned to make faces from Tam, explored Non-Violent Communication due to her influence, and broke into teaching on line, thanks to her faith in me. She has also been a stalwart source of encouragement and inspiration, and I am very, very lucky to count her among my friends.

Shiloh McCloud ~ Shiloh has opened me up to iconic painting, renewed my relationship with poetry, and dubbed me Sparkle Plenty. I love her. You will, too.

The Cosmic Cowgirls ~ Home of my little girl heart. This group of women (and I do mean every single one of them) has reparented me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, pulled my head out of my ass, and given me permission to be THE Effy Wild in all her glitter flinging, coin belt wearing, LOUD, sparkling glory.

Donna Downey ~ Who ISN’T inspired by Donna Downey? Right?

Andrea Schroeder ~ A creative bad ass, superpower activating cheerleader, and amazing source of getupandgettoitiveness. AMAZEBALLS.

Lisa Cousineau ~ I buy my favourite supplies (stencils!) from this woman. Almost everything I make includes something acquired from her gorgeous on line store, and that would be enough to get her in this list BUT she is also the one person (besides my husband) that I share all my secrets with, cry to, vent to, and totally adore. She believes in me and makes me laugh and keeps me humble.

And, the obvious: My husband, who gave up the dining room so I could have a studio, my kids, who’ve dealt with my introverted, flighty, intense, self-absorbed ass their entire lives, my friends and sisters, both on line and off, and my dogs, who bring me joy.

This site, and all I do is dedicated to all of you.