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This project started with the accidental purchase of a ‘too small’ daily planner from Moleskine. When the tiny planner arrived (it’s 3.5 x 5.5), I was bummed, because I’d intended to purchase the ‘large’ size. As I unwrapped it, though, I thought “OH HEY! TINY DAILY PAINTINGS!”, and #MiniMoleyDaily was born.

This is not a ‘challenge’. There are no prompts, and no rules except that you work small (smaller than 4 x 6). The intention is to simply share what we’re doing in our tiny little journals

There is no website for this project, but we do have a category on my blog, which you can find here, (you can also subscribe to #MiniMoleyMonday posts here) and a Facebook Group designed for communing and sharing. The energy in the group is honest, kind, and supportive, because that’s how we roll in my world. I’ve been really heartened to see people putting their real lives down on the page on a regular basis. It feels subversive, delicious, and revolutionary to give ourselves this kind of space and time to be with ourselves. You’re most welcome to join in the fray, and if you want some inspiration, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where I’m uploading new videos multiple times a week. Click here for the #minimoleydaily playlist.

Every Monday, I’ll be posting a playlist + images of my #MiniMoleyDaily spreads as well, and some weeks I will include some musings on the process. Click here to get these posts in your inbox. Click here to get ALL my posts (including my blog, Journal52, and Friday Five) in your inbox. 

The #MiniMoleyDaily 2017 Playlist

Please note that due to copyright, some of these will not be available in your country, or available to view on mobile devices.

So Far In My #MiniMoleyDaily

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