cropped-10593049_919240764791868_8744999034121126288_n.jpgMy name is Effy, and I’m a journal artist & on line teacher. I like to write & share about art journaling as a spiritual practice, and my go-to tool for healing & life documentation. I’m a mother of grown children, and I live with an adorable furbaby in a three story walk up apartment in Canada.

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Blog Along With Effy – Day #14 – How To Begin

This is another repost because I'm taking today off. That being said, it's a pretty valuable repost! Enjoy! One of the questions I hear most often is “How do you start a journal page?” I sit down, pick up the first thing that attracts me, and I make a mark. Sometimes,...

Journal Jacket Hack with Strumpet Stencils

This is going out to my Patreons before anyone in the world gets it because I love you! Last week, I was out for lunch with a girlfriend, and I found a journaling jacket - one of those zippered things that has space for your bible/journal, some pens, and other things...

Blog Along With Effy – Day #10 – Self-Possession

Possession is a word I like. It conjures up all sorts of things, like this book, which is one of my favourites, and the fascinating idea of being 'ridden' by the gods, of being claimed by them, and entered by them, and becoming their hands and feet in service to their...

Blog Along – Day #8 – Someone Had Seen Me

I'm thinking about mirrors. It started yesterday, with a memory of being in a club of sorts in junior high school in Montreal. It was an extra-curricular thing where a bunch of us auditioned for a program run by Multiculturalism Canada (our school was rife with...

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