cropped-10593049_919240764791868_8744999034121126288_n.jpgMy name is Effy, and I’m a journal artist & on line teacher. I like to write & share about art journaling as a spiritual practice, and my go-to tool for healing & life documentation. I’m a mother of grown children, and I live with an adorable furbaby in a three story walk up apartment in Canada.

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Strength VIII {Poem}

Strength VIII She is all heart rage as she wraps pale hands around his muzzle and I'm all envy, watching. I know her secret but I don't have her power, to look unflinchingly beyond the fangs, to hear beyond the raging roar, to love beyond reason. I'm not crowned in...

Spring Is Done With Your Shenanigans, Winter

Since the weather outside has not been cooperating with my desire for spring, I did a little weather art/magick over a period of three days and painted my own version of how pissed off Spring is with Winter hanging around like it's been doing. She's mixed media. She...

Telling The Bees

Today, I thought I'd celebrate Friday with a speed painting of one of the spreads I did for Book Of Days not long ago. Here you go. MUSIC BY KRYSTYN PIXTON who you need to know, because GORGEOUS! I'm making some changes in my life that are making me incredibly...

Blog Along With Effy – Day #17 – Woman Down

I spent my morning eyeballs deep in art, which pleases me to no end. I have been feeling a little lack of mojo taking hold, and I really wasn't sure I had it in me to film, but I did the usual - sat down, set an intention, and went for it. A few weeks ago, I came...

Blog Along With Effy – Day #15 – Dragon Scales

It's not even ten, and I've already done my SoulX, achieved zero inbox, checked in with all my groups, done my dishes, and put together a spinach frittata, which is now baking in the oven. I signed up for a thirty day free trial to get more keto recipes, since my...

Blog Along With Effy – Day #14 – How To Begin

This is another repost because I'm taking today off. That being said, it's a pretty valuable repost! Enjoy! One of the questions I hear most often is “How do you start a journal page?” I sit down, pick up the first thing that attracts me, and I make a mark. Sometimes,...

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