Sweet Trash With Effy Wild

Want to spend a weekend making and learning how to fill a Sweet Trash Journal with me? You’re in the right place!

In this 3 day weekend ZOOM retreat, I will walk you through the hows, whys, and wherefores of my Sweet Trash Journal Practice.

The Sweet Trash Journal is my DIY “Smashbook” and has become an integral part of my daily life. I put everything in this journal, using various mediums and methods to “smash” all my art, journaling, scraps of things, photographs, my planner, written journal and on and on. etc.

It is a gorgeous testament to what I’m doing with *all* of my life, and contains *all of me*. It starts out as ‘trash’ – just a cheapo composition notebook, but as it ‘blooms’ with everything I smash into it, it becomes treasure.

This workshop is offered as a replay of a live event that took place over the course of a Friday evening and a Saturday and Sunday afternoon for a total of at least 10 hours of live instruction. Replays (including HD videos of all of the art instruction) have been uploaded to your classroom as well!



Here’s what to expect!

DAY ONE – We will spend a few hours covering everything you need to know about how this practice came to be, what Sweet Trash Journals are and how to create your own, including supplies I use and suggested substitutions, how to deal with glossy covers, what I put in my STJ (ahem – everything!), and how to use the STJ as a super helpful “side kick” that will transform and enliven your regular creative practice.

DAY TWO – We will meet again to have an STJ decorating party! Pull out all of your art supplies and take my hand as we make a plain and CHEAP composition notebook into a gorgeous vessel for all the things we can think of! While we work, we will crowdsource ideas for how we might use the journal (art grimoire! book of shadows! book of mirrors! planners! quotes collections!). I’ll come armed with lots of suggested resources to get you inspired! We’ll end this day with a decorated and embellished Sweet Trash Journal!

DAY THREE – Will we meet again for an afternoon of all-out Sweet Trash Fun! First, I will take you step by step through an art journal spread so we can bust that “first page” fear together! Then I’ll be demonstrating how I set my Sweet Trash Journal up for the week, how I use it for life documentation and “trash-booking”, mixed media art class note-taking (this will change your creative life!), written journaling (though that should be obvious), habit tracking, medium swatching (artsy grimoire!), and art journaling. You can dive in and play alongside me or just take notes so you’re prepared to go off and start filling up your brand new Sweet Trash Journal on your own time.

There are HD versions of all art instruction ready for you so along with the live Zoom versions, you’ll have clear, concise videos to watch any time you like. I will also have a PDF prepared for you that includes links to all resources and videos. Download this to your computer, and you’ll have handy access to the complete course with the click of your mouse!

All participants are invited to a brand new private Facebook Group dedicated to Sweet Trash Journaling! Feel free to use it to show of what you’re doing in your Sweet Trash Journal, share printables you find that you think others might find useful or fun, and commune with fellow STJ junkies! I’ll be checking in regularly with what’s happening my journal as well, so it’ll be a nice way to stay in touch!

Once You’ve Registered

  1. Grab yourself a composition notebook – any kind will do, but I love the ones that are sold in Staples in the U.S. since they have Kraft covers. If you don’t have access to those, you can use a Moleskine Cahier XL – but note that these are spendy. Honestly, ANY composition notebook you can find will be absolutely perfect. I will be showing you how I deal with glossy covers, so don’t stress if your notebook has a coating.
  2. Join The Facebook Group! Instructions are in the classroom.
  3. DIVE IN! Everything is ready for you!

What if I don’t like/can’t use Facebook?

No problem! The classroom is a great place to leave your comments and upload images of your work! You can also email me if you’re a private sort of person who prefers not to do any kind of socials!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email me at hello@effywild.com and I will look after you as soon as possible!