Tears by Jill Ebsworth

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash


Sisters—we’ve been given a gift–each one of us–a fluid gift
for flushing pain and poisons that we bear. This is the healing
gift of tears, of gentle weeping or wild wailing as we overflow
with pain or fear or grief—or even sometimes, joy.

And yet we feel ashamed when others see us weeping, calling
ourselves weak and lacking self-control—even at a funeral,
where tears should be welcomed as a sign of love.

It is time to recognize our gift, to honour it for what it is.

Oh, Sisters, we have so much to cry for, to cry over,
so much calling us to shed our tears.

Our own pain, of body, soul, and spirit, calls us to weep
for the grieving child within, the unrequited lover in our soul,
the aging crone wisely considering her passing life.

We weep for loved ones near and far, for family and friends,
for much loved pets; those here and those no longer with us,
those yet to come whose future seems so bleak.

And oh, how we weep for our Mother, our beloved Earth,
suffering so because of ignorant, arrogant and obstinate men
whose greed is their god, and we weep for misguided sisters
supporting them in their path of rape and destruction.

We wail for humanity, lost in its endless quest for more,
and we weep for ourselves, participants whether willing or not.
We weep for what we’ve lost, for what we’ve been denied
or had taken away, for centuries of being told we’re not enough.

Yes, Sisters, we weep, often hidden in the loneliness of shame.
So let us join together in an endless circle of support, and let us
weep, wail, and flow our tears in solidarity as we shed our liquid grief—
and maybe, just maybe if enough of us join in—a few million, better
a few billion of us together– we’ll cry tears enough to wash clean
ourselves, each other, and our precious home, this Earth.

Jill Ebsworth
Apr 3, 2019

Dedicated to Effy Wild, with love, respect, gratitude, and great admiration.