“Effy is a treasured friend and colleague who is a master at diving deep, sitting in her emotional fire, facing up to what is needed and meeting herself (including all her raw parts) on the page. I admire and adore Effy for being bravely authentic, courageously vulnerable and excellent at guiding others through creative processes and projects that help them work through their own feelings, trauma and blocks.” – Tamara Laporte

“Effy’s classes are a lot like walking a meditation labyrinth. The goal is not to walk through it as quickly as possible, but to meander and ponder. Sometimes you double back on a part you already covered, and sometimes you go down a turn that leads you somewhere unexpected.” ~Amanda Klasen

Effy is so much more than just a teacher – she has opened my eyes to so many different truths through her journey & honesty. She’s like a spiritual life coach cheering us on – while going through so much blarg. She’s a breath of fresh air, a passionate Priestess and she makes me laugh” ~ Wendy Graham

I think to many Effy is a mentor and a lighthouse in the sense that she shows people that the true person within is beautiful even if we ourselves don’t believe it. She shows how to free ourselves from our own self doubt and the vicious cycles we have been programmed with by publicly showing us her own liberation process. Effy is, in essence, a beautiful welcome sign to freedom through much work and self love.” ~ Epona Sidhe

This session has been an enjoyable challenge (still is as I’ve a few pages yet to do). It’s a scavenger’s hunt seeking out the poem that pings and asks to be included in art. Music might have been easier because so many songs come to mind, but poetry has been the “song” lately. As always, I found your wit and integrity engaging in the videos, especially the Bed Head Diaries when we get to hear how your week has been going. We can celebrate the good times and commiserate in the bad. It gives me a real sense of community. Thank you for all the good work you do. ~Dawn Zichko: 

Lloydene Cook: I have loved every minute of this session, Effy , and have done every one of them. (It helps that I am retired, so I have plenty of time for art.) I am so inspired by your teaching style and your videos are great. Because of all this, I have also signed up for your earlier BOD sessions, Self Love and Sovereignty, and am doing them as well. Plus am signed up for the September session and Radiant Faces II. So, if that is not a glowing testimonial, I don’t know what is….lol. Thanks for all you artful inspiration.

Diana Schmidt: I enjoyed this session and mingling music with painting. Looking back to the first weeks, I can see growth in my skills as I became more comfortable with acrylics and mediums.

Phiona Jackson: This session was perfect for me – IS perfect for me. I adore music and combining it with my other favourite pastime makes such sense. I’ve created several paintings during Mixed Tape that I know I would never have done if I hadn’t done the session, and that would be a huge pity as there are 3 that are now among my all time favourite creations. Thank you for a great 12 weeks, Effy!

Jacqualine Hart: I thought the session was great! Enjoyed the mixing of music and art and would love to do it again or continue on my own with these theme. Also appreciate learning some new techniques and critiquing my own. Thought the 12 week legnth was fine – it gave me something to look forward to that was just for me (and the group). I’ll miss the weekly bed head diaries – these were AWESOME. Thank you Effy!

Carolyn Myles: The class really got me motivated to try some new things. If you’re feeling stuck with your journaling just think of a song and use it as a prompt! I’m recycling my original journal into a junk journal with a music theme. Rather tedious but worth it. I’ve gathered photos, art, ticket stubs etc to put in the junk journal. It will be awesome and unique. Thanks Effy!

Shinjini Mehrotra: This was my first ever BOD session – and boy! It beat my wildest expectations! I joined in late so I haven’t finished all the lessons yet, but the ones that I have, I’ve learnt so, so much! Effy, you’ve been an amazing teacher – appreciative, supportive, and willing to make suggestions to help us improve when we didn’t like our own work while still being positive, which is immensely valuable. I love the group – y’all are so supportive! – and the office hours and of course, the bed head diaries!! I look forward to more BOD sessions in the future!