cropped-10593049_919240764791868_8744999034121126288_n.jpgMy name is Effy, and I’m a journal artist & on line teacher. I like to write & share about art journaling as a spiritual practice, and my go-to tool for healing & life documentation. I’m a mother of grown children, and I live with an adorable furbaby in a three story walk up apartment in Canada.

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Life Book 2019 + Coupon Code

Hello, lovelies! I'm just popping in today with the news that Life Book 2019 is now open for registration!! I know many of you already know what Life Book is all about, so if you can't wait to sign up, make sure to click here to get your seat! See you there! :) Be...

Hello From The Other Side

I figured, since so many of you have left lovely letters in my inbox, that I'd update you on where I'm at. :) Since last we typed, I caught a virus which lead to an 'exacerbation' - basically, my asthma got uncontrollably worse due to the inflammation caused by the...

Summer Pay What You Can Sale!

Hey, y'all! It's time for my annual OMG SUMMER IS SO SLOW SO LET'S HAVE A PAY WHAT YOU CAN SALE! Here's How It Works Look over the list of self-paced e-courses below and see which ones you'd like to take.Once you've made your list, decide on what you can pay for each...

Your Piece Of The Work, And Mine. {with Video Diary}

NOTE: This post is part curated from my archives (the Bed Head Diaries), and part present day. The world is hugely heavy right now, and my life is hugely heavy. A purse dump of happenings: I am in the middle of a unexpected move, which is a positive change, (I have a...

And The Winner Is! – Ever After Giveaway Announcement

Good morning, Wildlings! I completely spaced yesterday and forgot to tell you who won. the giveaway! I had the winner picked out out and everything, but whoops! I got to painting, and you know how that is, right? Anyway! About two weeks ago, I asked all y'all to share...

Simone – Patreon Only Post

Good Morning, my gorgeous Patrons, and let me start by saying THANK YOU. Your pledges for this month have been processed, and I have a little extra in my bank account to see me through. You're WONDERFUL. I am here this morning with a speed painting for you, just...

Ever After Blog Hop!!

Hello Wildlings!! I have some awesome news to share this morning! I will be teaching in Ever After 2018! I'm really looking forward to exploring faery tales with you in this third iteration of Tam's wonderful collaborative e-course! As a teacher on the course, I can...

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