Hello there! It’s so lovely to see you! I wanted to get us started with a little bit of information about Book Of Days 2022 – what it is, who’s running it, who it’s for, and how it will run! I’m also really excited to introduce you to my guest artist-teachers and provide you with a schedule for the year. This class, which will include 25 artists (including one writing coach) + over 33 lessons + monthly workbooks + three LIVE ON ZOOM gatherings with Effy, will be $99 until December 31st, at which point it will go up to $120.

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What It Is

Book Of Days 2022 is a collaborative e-course hosted by Effy ‘Bird’ Wild (that’s me! HI!) that has been designed to take you on a deep dive into the world of mixed media art journaling. In the year that we’ll spend together, we will be gathering, like birds of a feather, to flock together around all the ways that working with journal art can enrich and enhance our lives. The lessons you’ll find in this e-course will be suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced journal artists. You will find the lessons thorough and comprehensive, and you will find yourself creating and maintaining a practice of meeting yourself on the page.

Every month, you will meet two new teachers, and find a virtual ‘bird feeder’ absolutely bursting at the seams with seeds of inspiration. You will have access to prompts designed to be engaged in a written OR art journal, full-length mixed media art journaling tutorials that include videos, instructional PDFs, and lots of opportunities to grow, share, and feather your artist’s nest with beautiful, meaningful work.

Why It’s Called “Book Of Days”

Back in the day, a ‘Book of Days” was a journal in which the journal keeper would record the minutiae of their lives. These books included everything from the events of the day, appointments, what they ate, what they accomplished, what they were thinking, feeling, and experiencing. They often included sketches – especially from the world around them, and seasonal information to do with their gardens or the land around them, snippets of things they read or heard, prayers, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and just about anything else you can think of. In late 2011, I decided that I wanted to adapt this idea for myself, but with art as personal expression and exploration being the primary purpose and focus, and Book Of Days was born.

Since that time, I have created and filled a new Book Of Days every single year, and so have my students! These books, which act as records of our inner life as well as our day-to-day happenings, become treasured companions along the journey.

In 2019, I decided that it was time to create a more expansive experience for my students by inviting other journal artists to join me so that instead of just learning about and adapting my way of doing things, they’d get a virtual buffet of ways from some of the best journal artists, known and emerging, out there today. It has been a beautiful experience, so we’re doing it again this year!

What’s With The Birds?

I have been inspired to think of us all as birds who can soar high above the landscape of our lives to catch a very general picture of what’s going on with us, but also who can dive down with our bright eyes fixed upon the tiniest details. I like the idea ‘flocking’ together, of feathering the nests of creative practice, of creating space for ourselves where we may tend to tiny eggs of dreams, nurture them, and watch them grow and take flight. It’s also a nod and a bit of an homage to my dear friend, mentor and colleague, Tamara Laporte, without whom I would not be doing what I do in the world today. Early in our friendship, after tenderly and gently nudging me into the world of teaching, she nicknamed me “Effybird”, and it stuck.

This year, and every year in Book Of Days, it is my hope that we’ll all become at least ‘part bird’ as we take flight into the worlds of journal art, self-inquiry, creative practice, and meeting ourselves on the page.

About Your Hostess

My name is Effy ‘Bird’ Wild, (she/her, INFJ, Libra with Libra rising and a Cap moon, swearbear, mystic, soul number 9, in case you were curious) and I am an artist, writer, and teacher. I believe I was put on this earth to hold space for the part of you that yearns to be creative, and through creativity, come into alignment with your best, most healed, most authentic self.

People say the nicest things about me and what I do, and while I do not much enjoy ‘selling myself’, I figured I’d give you a little insight into who I am as a teacher & facilitator by sharing the following:


Effy is a treasured friend and colleague who is a master at diving deep, sitting in her emotional fire, facing up to what is needed, and meeting herself (including all her raw parts) on the page. I admire and adore Effy for being bravely authentic, courageously vulnerable, and excellent at guiding others through creative processes and projects that help them work through their own feelings, trauma, and blocks.

Tamara Laporte of Willowing

Effy Wild is the artist and teacher behind the Book of Days, Moonshine, and other mixed media art journaling adventures. 

Between her take-no-shit attitude and gentle matriarchal coven-leading soul, we’ve found it impossible to not fall in love with her. She is both a fierce warrior for women and a soft place to land, splattered in acrylics and sarcasm, topped with a hearty home-cooked meal and a glass of whiskey.

Airmid Wylde

If Effy were a boutique, you’d find within her a mason jar tied with hemp that contains only a single tear. A mirror draped in fabric shot through with threads of spun silver. A framed cat whisker. Tarot cards so shuffled that their edges are faded and raw. An aisle that seems to go on forever, each item a memory, some dusty, some well-polished, some sealed behind iron.

Sarah Trumpp of Wonderstrumpet

Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and on my website.

Here are some samples of my work


Look at all this gorgeousness by our guest artists!


Tuition includes instant access to Book Of Days Boot Camp + a Swag Bag of Coupon Codes & Freebies!



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Who Is This For?

Book of Days is for human beings who have a deep investment and interest in knowing themselves as well as they possibly can, fostering their creativity through practice, healing whatever wounds they are carrying through the power of personal expression, and treating their lives as though they matter enough to document (because they do!). The people that get the most out of this program are willing to try new things, are interested in building their mixed media art skills, are more invested in ‘process’ over ‘product’, and find value in spending time with and for themselves.

In all my classes, the community is an important piece of your experience, since this is where you will share, be encouraged, encourage others, and get loved on as you grow. Because that is the case, my communities exist to meet you where you are – with your sorrows, triumphs, struggles, victories, frustrations, successes, and whatever else is going on for you. Because that is the case, the humans that I work best with are willing to hear, witness, and empathize with the truth in one another, whatever that might be. This is not a ‘raise your vibe, love and light’ experience. This is a ‘whatever is true, wherever you are’ experience.

This might not be for you if you are only interested in making beautiful art. While beautiful art will absolutely be made in this program, the art is not the point. It is, rather, the byproduct of our personal exploration, and a portal through which we may meet, know and love ourselves more deeply.

I should probably also warn you that I can get quite personal with my students (because the journal exists to contain all of us, and I like to model that), I cuss now and then, I’m pagan, very liberal in my politics (though that won’t come into the lessons) and social justice is very important to me. If you are not for the equality, well-being, happiness, and freedom of *all humans* regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, you will probably find me annoying.

How It Will Run

Book of Days will throughout the course of 2022 with new lessons coming out from two guest artists + me every month of the year. Nine of my lessons will be pre-recorded with PDF guidance, and three of my lessons will take place live on ZOOM during a painty party with a replay offered for those who can’t attend live! WOO HOO!

Every month, you will get an email from me on the 1st that will invite you to come on over to the classroom (which we call the bird feeder) where you will find:

  • A full-colour printable workbook that includes musings on the month ahead, images of work I’ve done over the years during that month, and a journaling prompt for each and every day that you can use either in your written or art journaling practice.
  • One full-length (at least an hour) journal art tutorial from me that will include videos, instructional PDFs, and galleries of the work I created for that month’s lesson OR an invitation to join me live on the 15th of the month for our painty party.
  • Two full-length journal art tutorials from our guest artists who will be sharing their own ways of meeting themselves on the page with you via video and PDF instruction.
  • I will also be Journal Jamming throughout the year, and BOD students get access to the Journal Jam Permanent Replay Archive as part of their tuition.
  • Access to our Facebook Group where you can interact with one another, me, and our guest artists.
  • Forever access to all content, which is also downloadable for your convenience.

As a cherished student, you will also get a seat in Book Of Days Boot Camp, which is an intensive immersion in mixed media art journaling in the ‘Book Of Days’ style. You will have instant access to this workshop when you register.


I find this really important because life happens, and we’re going to be throwing a lot at you, so I don’t want you feeling time pressure as you undertake this journey. The videos, PDFs, and images can all be downloaded to your hard drive and stored for your enjoyment for years and years to come!

Tuition includes instant access to Book Of Days Boot Camp + a Swag Bag of Coupon Codes & Freebies!



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How the content is delivered.

I have a private teaching network that runs on WordPress with a Zippy Courses plugin. This is a fantastic, easy-to-navigate system that will be open 24/7, seven days a week, so all you have to do to access the content is log in to your student account, and click on your class, which will appear on your student dashboard page. When you enter the classroom, you will see links to ‘units’. These are where your content lives. Open a unit, for example, by clicking ‘January’, and you will find everything we did in January listed and linked on that page.

We will do all our communing and sharing in a closed Facebook Group. Only students in the group will be able to see what you post, so your privacy is ensured. If you’re not into Facebook, you can leave your comments and upload your images in the classroom itself. I’ll be checking in daily.

The lessons I ceate will be provided as PDFs that you can download that will include *everything you need to enjoy the lesson*, including links to your down-loadable videos (though you are welcome to stream them online as well), images of the finished project, musings, templates, resources, and anything else I feel you will need. Guest artist lessons will be provided as a page upon which you will find LINKS to the content, including videos and PDFs + a gallery of images of the final project. I’ve dispensed with embedding videos because it always seems to create technical issues. The links work beautifully and take you right to a page where you can watch or download them at whatever resolution works best for you.

This class is best enjoyed on a desktop or laptop computer, or a tablet upon which you can open and read interactive PDFs, click links, and watch videos. Mobile phones are not ideal, since the videos will be too small for you to get much out of them.

If you want to orient yourself with my teaching network before you register for Book Of Days, please join me in Wild & Free, which is an ever-growing garden of resources that I provide for free for my community. You’ll find full-length art journaling tutorials and extra bits and bobs popping up in there regularly! It’s absolutely free!

What You’ll Get Out Of It

Firstly, we will kick off the class by creating a Book Of Days from scratch, and then decorating it to house our spreads for the year. This lesson on bookbinding is instantly accessible to you upon registration. Look for it in BOOT CAMP.  You will also be invited to create an optional ‘Sweet Trash Journal’, which you can use any way you like. This tutorial is also included in BOOT CAMP.

Secondly, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a practice that doesn’t depend on inspiration or some ethereal muse. You will create because you want to create, and if you follow my lead, you’ll create more than ever before.

Thirdly, you will create a body of work that you can be proud of and look over for years to come, and while you’re doing it, you’ll build skills, learn techniques, and really get to know yourself better than you’ve ever known yourself before.

Why is this piece so important to me?

I have a theory that we can’t deeply love what we don’t deeply know, and since self-love is one of the most powerful healing tools we have at our fingertips, I am investing in modeling and empowering that in all humans, but most especially in my students.

You’ll also get to be a part of one of the most loving, empathetic, supportive, engaged, wonderful artist’s communities I’ve ever been a part of. Life-long friendships are found and forged in my groups, and you will be sure to find your people flinging paint among what I like to call my “Wilderhood”. If you’d like to get a sense of who my people are before registering, please join me in my free online artist’s community, called The Wilderhood. It is a closed Facebook Group where you will find me hanging out all the time, and connecting with my ‘Wildlings’.


More Info + Our Guest Artists + The Schedule For The Year


I’m extremely selective about the people I fill my programs with, so expect to find gorgeous, authentic, hardworking, accessible, beautiful humans at the end of every link you find in the PDF. 

Tuition includes instant access to Book Of Days Boot Camp + a Swag Bag of Coupon Codes & Freebies!


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