Mercury FINALLY went direct and I appreciated the glut of emails that flooded my inbox telling me so because this year has been such a crock pot so far – everything simmering low and slow. My energy for most things has been pretty meh except for the stuff I’ve been doing art-wise. I don’t know that I’ve had a January as prolific as this one in a very long time.

See what I mean?

Some of these were done as warm ups for Alena Hennessy’s “A Year Of Painting Gold“, which you should definitely check out. If you sign up, let her know I sent you! Some were done in Joanne Sharpe’s “Artfully Inspired Life – Greatest Hits” which has been so much fun. Some were for PTTM, some for Moonshine, and the last one was for Book Of Mirrors: A Year Of Oracles. 

Something I promised myself as I eased into this year was that I’d give myself the gift of *time* this year. Time to putter. Time to play. Time to actually take the courses I’ve signed up for. Time to settle into a piece I’m painting and really let it lead me.

It’s been gorgeous. Here’s a speed painting of my experience with that feathered bird above. All those layers! All that decision making! Hours and hours, and exactly what I needed in the moment.

Someone asked “why so many layers?” and my answer to that question is pretty simple. I love layers, and it takes that long for me to really get where a painting wants to go. If I don’t let it cook like this, things feel unfinished. Also, depth. Also, texture. Also, this is a practice that is way less about the finished product than it is about the time I spend meeting myself on the page.

Also, layering is fun. Mastering mediums – how to layer them, what works with what – has been the most fun part of my mixed media art journey.

Just call me the Layering Queen. ;)

Meanwhile, I’ve been back in my Sweet Trash Journal. We did a weekend workshop Jan 6th – 8th (still open for registration and everything is up for you to enjoy with instant access) and it’s had the exact impact I hoped it would. I’m opening that book every day. I’m smashing in photos. I’m journaling. I’m doing my daily tarot draws and making my lists and ticking them off. I’m sticking gold stars in the back as I complete tasks that feel self-loyal. I loooooooove this process so much and I’m glad to be back at it after a year of neglecting it because depression is a thief of the habits that keep my head above water.

We’re gathering again on January 29th for a Sweet Trash Play Party if you want to come. :) We’re going to spend a Sunday afternoon in Zoom together getting our journals ready for the new month ahead. These are priced to be way accessible ($18) and include forever access to the replay + a copy of the printable planner I’m using this year. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been showing off my STJ every Monday during the live so I can keep myself on track with it. It’s a process that really serves me in staying in touch with myself, and that’s something I really need right now as I navigate my new normal.

And that’s me for today. I just wanted to pop in and say hi and show you what I’ve been up to. I’d love to see what you’re up to as well, so link me up in the comments below.