Journal52 Stuff + Web Stuff + New RSS by Category Stuff!


So, last week, the website at Journal52 was hacked for the second time this year. I had successfully navigated the first hack, but realized that it was time to get some help with this web thing, because I genuinely don’t have time to deal with this kind of thing on the regular. The day of the hack saw me sitting frozen in terror in front of my computer, weeping in frustration as I tried to get the thing sorted.

Nathan Briggs & WPPampering to the rescue.

At the recommendation of our mutual friends, I hired Nathan to just deal with it. Here. Take the keys. Fix it. Make it better. Deal with it. Please. For the love of god. Save me.

I don’t think I have ever made a better choice in my life, like EVER, because he just did it. I handed him the keys, and voila. It’s all done.

Today, I was poking around in my new squeaky, shiny, clean, ‘all in one place’ dashboard, and I’m happier than a pig in poop.

What this means for you!

Journal52 is now hosted here at Artfully Wild as a category.

If you are playing along with me in Journal52, you should find the transition seamless. The RSS to E-mail subscription service we’ve been using all along as been updated so that it will deliver posts from the *category* where Journal52 now resides. The domain,, now redirects to the category here on my blog. Posts will still go up on Fridays. The group will remain as it ever was.

If you are not playing along with Journal52, nothing whatsoever changes for you at all, except that you will get Journal52 along with Friday Five in the RSS roundup performed by my newsletter service. You can ignore it, or you can take a peek and see if it doesn’t inspire you to get into your studio and create something beautiful.

What this means for me!

I never, ever have to worry about getting hacked, DOS attacked, spammed into weeping submission, etc. etc. EVER AGAIN.

I have one website for my free offerings (Journal52, MiniMoley, my blog). One. One log in. One.

A steep increase in my web hosting costs to the tune of $780 a year up from $192 a year. This is on top of what I pay for my teaching platforms, newsletter service, video streaming service, and the eleventy bazillion dollars I pay for art supplies, office supplies, SD cards, upgrades to software and hardware, etc. etc.

It’s a bit ouchie, but it is also worth it for the peace of mind I have about web stuff as a result.

That being said, it would be so super grand of you to help out with this if you feel so inclined.

I have a tip jar set up for this purpose, which you can access here. I will be pointing you towards it on the regular, because I know many of you LOVE Journal52 as much as I do and want it to continue being a free offering with no strings attached.

I have also created ‘RSS to E-Mail Subscribe By Category’ options for you!

Since I will be posting about multiple projects here in this one space, I want to ensure that you can get only the posts you want in your RSS feed reader. Click below to select your preference, or simply remain subscribed to my newsletter to get it allllllll.

And that’s it for me today! I will be here tomorrow with a new Friday Five + Journal52.