Summer Pay What You Can Sale!

Hey, y’all! It’s time for my annual OMG SUMMER IS SO SLOW SO LET’S HAVE A PAY WHAT YOU CAN SALE!

Here’s How It Works

Look over the list of self-paced e-courses below and see which ones you’d like to take.Once you’ve made your list, decide on what you can pay for each (min. $15, please). 

E-mail me at with PWYC in the subject line. Include your list of desired classes.

I will reply with your total and a link to my PayPal.Me page so you can make your payment.

Once your payment is complete, I will send you the link to access your class. If you are already a member in my teaching network, please say so, and indicate the email address you’re registered with, and I will just add you to the class instead.

Meanwhile, go ahead and join me in BODKIN Cafe, where all past and present students in my network play and commune and share.


These are the e-courses that are up for grabs!

Mixed Tape I – 12 Weeks

Mixed Tape II – 8 Weeks

Mixed Tape III – 6 Weeks

Facing Forward I – 8 Weeks

Facing Forward II – The Things We Need To Hear

Love you! xoEffy

Your Piece Of The Work, And Mine. {with Video Diary}

NOTE: This post is part curated from my archives (the Bed Head Diaries), and part present day.

The world is hugely heavy right now, and my life is hugely heavy.

A purse dump of happenings:

I am in the middle of a unexpected move, which is a positive change, (I have a view that isn’t my neighbours doing the naked dash and a dishwasher and a gorgeous walk in shower, and my rent went up but only by about $50 a week), but it’s a change that came at crunch time for several projects I’m working on. This means I am a frazzled mess. Like, seriously frazzled. Grateful for my friends who show up big time and put up with the ‘I’m going to stick a fork in your face’ look that takes over my usually pleasant features while I’m a frazzled mess. And,

I had to put my lovely dog, Sasha, down at the end of May, which broke my heart and broke the dam that held back some long unresolved grief. And,

I am supposed to be going on vacation on from the 13th of June to the 17th of June, and this move, and all the work that is due has to be completed before I leave. And,

Anthony Bourdain died. I can’t even talk about it without crying. You have no idea what he means to me, what role he’s played in my spiritual lineage. I am devastated. And this triggered some more long unresolved grief. And,

My relationship with my ex has shifted from every Friday on my couch to I only ever see him when necessary. We are distant with one another. We are civil, but not warm. We are, finally, exes, and it feels fucking awful and I do not want this even though it’s what’s good for both of us at this time. And,

I have a huge tax bill about to come due, and it is very huge. Did I mention huge? It’s huge. And,

Other stuff I can’t talk about because discretion and not airing other people’s bad behaviour out on my laundry line. And,

The world. This whole fucking world. This scary, enormous fucking heavy fucking world.

This is me today.

I am trying for soft. I am trying for willing to be open to the possibility that everything is falling apart so better things can come together. I am trying for gentle, with myself, with you…

I am luggage under my eyes. I am so stressed, I can *literally* barely focus my eyes, which will *not stop twitching*. I am procrastitweeting and procrastiworking and procrastidoodling and procrastipanicking.

I am spent, but still pushing. I am my shadow written all over my face. I am ‘woe’ and ‘why me’ and #firstworldproblems and whine and wine.

I am also premenstrual, and I have been eating utter crap, and I am retaining water, and my eyes keep leaking without notice.

I am inconsolable, and walking around holding my guts in, and wondering what the point is. I am worst case scenarios. I am unable to recognize my own face in the mirror (who is this haggard looking person?) I am worn. the fuck. out. I am ready for a change, and yet terrified of what change will bring.

I am terrified. I am lonely. I am struggling. I am striving, but definitely not, at this particular moment in time, thriving.

Maybe you are some of the above, too, or all of the above or some combination of some of the above + stuff I can’t even imagine. Or maybe you’re just fine. (Could you send me some of that? With some dark chocolate and a Valium? Thank you.)

Wherever you’re at, I offer you this:

We’re going to be okay. I believe it even when I don’t believe it. I believe it because the story isn’t over yet. There is still story left in the story. We’re just in a really shitty part of the book. Let’s keep reading, okay? Take my hand. Hold on tight. Flip the page.

We’re going to be okay.

This version of the Bed Head Diaries, originally filmed in 2016, felt appropriate to share right now. In it, I talk about ‘your piece of the work’ (and mine) and explore the idea of  ‘going dark’ as a form of self-care. I also pull tarot for my peeps this week, and we talk about the 8 of cups.

To sum up:

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”  – The Talmud

Hold my hand. We’ve got this. We’re going to be okay.



And The Winner Is! – Ever After Giveaway Announcement

Good morning, Wildlings! I completely spaced yesterday and forgot to tell you who won. the giveaway! I had the winner picked out out and everything, but whoops! I got to painting, and you know how that is, right?

Anyway! About two weeks ago, I asked all y’all to share my link on social media in order to get entered into a drawing for a free seat in Ever After, and 142 entries came flying in. This is the one picked by random number generation:

YAY! Crystal, I am writing to you right after I hit post so I can forward on your email address to the Willowing Team! Congratulations!

This is an affiliate link. When you purchase the class through me, I get paid for teaching in it. Thank you!

Speaking of Ever After, REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Please use coupon code MAGIC2018 to get 20% off (unless you are an alumni student, and then you should check the EA group/your email for a different coupon code). Class starts July 1st, and I am just one among a whole treasure trove of teachers who will be walking you through the exploration of a particular faery tale. If you opt in to the style development portion of the class, you will also have an opportunity to learn how to make the most of mixed media art classes in order to develop your own artistic voice! This class is truly life changing, and I can’t wait to see you in there doing your thing!

When you sign up for Ever After, you will get to:

  • Download all class materials to your machine, keep them forever
  • Gain life long access, yay!
  • Learn many new mixed media techniques
  • Create beautiful paintings inspired by fairy-tales and myths
  • Deepen your understanding of and learn more about the history & symbolism of fairy-tales and myths.
  • If you join Ever After 2018 ‘Fairy Tales with Style Development‘ you will learn a vast amount on how to develop your own style and how to find your true unique voice/ how to tell your unique story.
  • Work from the comfort of your own home
  • Access to your own private class room
  • Access to a private (secret) Facebook Group
  • Connect with like-minded creative people
  • Make new creative connections
  • Become part of a buzzing/ thriving art community for a whole year!

As you all know, I deeply love being a part of Tam’s team of teachers whether in Life Book or in Ever After, so I am truly honoured to be teaching again this year!

And that’s me, today, loves. <3 Congratulations, Crystal, and I’ll see you all in class!