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cropped-cropped-ban111.jpg My name is Effy, and I'm a journal artist, on line teacher, and creativity coach. I like to write about art journaling, intentional creativity, creative business, and my personal and ever evolving brand of 'woo woo magpie' spirituality. I also tend to write a lot about my very ordinary life in an attempt to foster a sense of appreciation, mindfulness, and reverence for what IS. I overshare. :) You have been warned!

Slip Sliding Back To Life

Yesterday, the nieghbours pulled out the "Slip 'N Slide" for their kids, and since I was out there, and since one of the kids was really unhappy about the mud at the bottom of the slide, I threw myself into 'being a good example'. Ahem. Because I'm a 'grown up'. Ahem.... read more

Home Is Where The Art Is {With Video}

I have been loving mark making lately. Especially when I can put on my Bluetooth headphones and trance out to something dreamy, like Kyrstyn Pixton. Dayum, that woman sings my internal landscape like no other. I've learned some things about home over the last year... read more

And you? How are you? Tell me everything. xo

In case I haven't mentioned it lately, let me just tell you that I have been up to my earrings in creating Radiant II and everything has taken a back seat to that act of conception, gestation, and impending birth. I have been living, breathing, sweating, fretting,... read more

Listicles Are Fun aka Five Things

There is so much happening in my life that the only way to wrangle it is to round it up in a listicle style post. I find listicles fun because they suit my short attention SQUIRREL! *Giggles* Thing One I am guest teaching in Art Journal Summer School and I am very... read more

Book Of Days Preview! It’s on me, so enjoy! xo

Please enjoy this free preview of Book Of Days: Mixed Tape! If you love what you see, and you want to join in, please do so here! coupon code: audacious KERMIT FLAILS! Hello, lovely awesome peoples!! I have your opening ceremonies for you! Please enjoy the content in... read more

Spiritual Tech

One of Manfingy's best friends calls all the various religious beliefs, practices, and rituals that he's encountered in India "Spiritual Tech". I love that, because what it does for me is demystify all those practices that we may not have ever encountered, that we may... read more

Learning To Trust w/Bonus Peek At Some Of My Early Spreads

Trust is a huge topic of conversation between myself and my Self. It tends to go something like this: "But I'm shit scared!" "Trust that whatever happens, you can handle it." "But things could go wrong!" "And things have gone wrong before, and yet, here you are. Alive... read more

Moon Journaling – New Moon In Aries

This month's edition of Moon Journaling is live in my creative community, which you can join here. Some months, I offer free lessons in mixed media portrait making, art journaling, and general holy mess making. This month, we're gathering up and sharing all of our... read more

The State Of My Union

It's Friday, and in two sleeps, I will get to hang out with Manfingy, who's been gone since March 25th. I am all kinds of excited and also anxious. There's a smidgeon of 'what if the tenderness and affection we expressed over the wires while he was away evaporates... read more

The Gift Of Uncertainty & Impulse

When I first began art journaling, I was very invested in being certain of what it was I was trying to create. Because I didn't know I was an artist (I really didn't), I approached art journaling as a craft. I wanted a pattern. A predetermined palette. Composition.... read more

How To Begin

One of the questions I hear most often is "How do you start a journal page?" I sit down, pick up the first thing that attracts me, and I make a mark. Sometimes, though, my page is all gross and manky because I am not very mindful of what's happening to the other pages... read more

All Of Me – An Ode To The Journal

There's room for all of it. The joy of spring springing up around me. The longing for more time out of doors, and less virtual time. The body's hunger for skin, and its equal love of solitude. The mellow dog, the geese flying over head, the coyotes yipping in the... read more

New Moon + Solar Eclipse + Spring Equinox – OH MY!

Hi, Sweet Taters!  I have some stuffages to share. :) FIRSTLY: Art + Woo Woo I host a free group over here for those of us who are not opposed to mixing our art with a bit of woo woo. It is a Moon Journaling group with a focus on the New Moon, and for this month's... read more

Break Up With Perfect

One of the more frustrating things about being an art journal teacher is that, unlike when I'm in student mode, I can't just faff around for hours and hours with a spread until it meets my standards. I have to get it done. In my private practice, there are no rules... read more

Shame Busting: Self-Care

Trigger alert for mentions of sexual violence against children/child abuse. Self-care is a thing I have to really work to engage in. When I first started hearing that term bandied about on the Internets, I was agog, because, dudes. The self-care gurus were talking... read more

Impostor Syndrome & What Makes An Artist

I'm over starting every post with "The One In Which..." It was fun for a while but it started feeling a bit limiting. It was a trick I used to get myself blogging again after feeling like blogging was too much work, and it helped A LOT but I don't need it anymore.... read more

The One In Which I Talk About All The Things

It's Monday, and a lot has gone on since last we typed, so I'm going to take it thing by thing. The TL;DR version: 1) It's been very fricken cold here. So cold that my social life took a nose dive. 2) I took myself to the salon to get my hair did. 3) I ended up in ER... read more

Radiant Faces Update! Get it now for $45.00!

Hello, lovely beings! I am really excited to offer you Radiant: Faces in its self-guided mode for $45. All content is downloadable and will remain up in the classroom until October 31, 2015. I know that many of you wanted to sign up while the class was live but for... read more

The One In Which I Work On Not Numbing Out

So, balancing my meat space life and virtual life is my intention for February, and I am feeling a lot more balanced about things. Something about just saying 'this is what I'm working on' is extremely effective for me. I think it's because I'm a journaler. It's... read more

Book Of Days 2015 – Volume 2

Book Of Days 2015 - Volume 2

12 week art journaling and life documentation class! Starts May 4th! Registration now open!